Castlevania Season 4 Episode 2 - "Having the World" Review

Castlevania Season 4 Ep 2 - Having the World

“Lenore urges Hector to not test Camilla's patience. Belmont and Sypha cross paths with Zamfir, a fearsome guard with a suspicious mind.”

Just a reminder: this is a mature series, so swearing, brutal fighting, and dismemberment ahead. Be ready for the splatter (and make sure the kids are asleep).

A fair amount of the episode focused on Hector. He's taken at least somewhat well to his new circumstances. It's always odd to see someone moving about during the daylight hours inside a Vampire Castle. Seeing any guard is a welcome surprise at least, and gives some stakes to Hector's little “hobby” with the strange stones. Seeing how the relationship between him and Lenore has developed in the 6 weeks since the last season is nice. They seem more relaxed now, talking to each other in a teasing manner. We also see Hector, possibly, working with someone else via the communication mirror. It seems like he's in touch with the Vampires we met briefly who encountered Trevor and Sypha (granted its just one name drop).

We get a bit more about Lenore while she and Hector talk. Upshot: she didn't have the best childhood. Hector talks about about his Forge Master powers and their requirements. Lenore tells us her age (surprising) as well as the fate of her family. We later get a look at Camilla and her schemes for territory. Oh boy, are they grand (this could be the beginning of a tyrant). Her avarice is showing in this one.

We spend the latter half of the episode with Trevor and Sypha. They are simply looking for a place to rest after what happened earlier in Targoviste. Battling an overwhelming force of Night Creatures, the pair are joined by a (short-lived) trio. The only survivor of this group of Monster Hunters is introduced as Zamfir. She represents the royal court of the dying city, Targoviste. She seems put together, if aloof. But having only spent one fight and a little change with her, it's hard to know for sure.

Only a little usage of story devices. Some foreshadowing is coming into play with Hector. His placing the stones is something that's just beginning. We have to assume he's been at this for a while given the size of the castle. He's tied to Lenore with the ring, and by extension Camilla's court, but there could be ways to work around it. Camilla did remark on a deviousness to Hector (formerly the least political of our pair of Forge Masters). I also learned I'm really bad at spelling Lenore's name sometimes, but no one else needs to see that. She also gets the best dick joke in the episode. She's easily my favorite within Camilla's court at this point. Plus whatever strange gem Trevor found is going to help with finding that Hidden Court. I got curious and checked; this time, the episode is balanced between the two stories. That's a good change from last episode with the majority to Sypha and Trevor, with maybe 5 minutes for Alucard. So looking forward to more Alucard story time. There was a good balance of humor and seriousness in both parts of the episode. That and a lot of double entendre. There needed to be more of that. There should always be more of that. But that's just me.

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