New Titanfall Maps Confirmed

The full list of Titanfall maps has been revealed via the beta's code. Their names are listed below:

  • Angel City (in the beta)
  • Fracture (in the beta)
  • Colony
  • Relic
  • Airbase
  • Boneyard
  • Corporate
  • Outpost 207
  • Lagoon
  • Rise
  • Smugglers Cove
  • Overlook
  • Nexus
  • O2
  • Training Ground

We've already received shocking details on the Boneyard map. A level that takes place inside the withered skeleton of a great Leviathan, this map challenges players not only with humans and Titans, but with alien monsters as well. 

The code examined by players also included references to a splitscreen mode. Splitscreen is said to work exclusively on the Xbox One, and will supposedly not be availalbe on the Xbox 360 version.

The beta is open on the Xbox One right now, and is available for select players on the PC.

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