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Resident Evil Netflix Series Ep 3, “The Light” Review

"Jade helps guide a small group of survivors into the Chunnel, but terror awaits. Albert warns Umbrella about Joy's horrific side effects."

Get our thoughts on this episode with Jade making the crossing, finding friends in the present and Billie struggling in the Past. Wesker needs to play a dangerous game to appease both the board and Evelyn Marcus.

The Stray Mod For Doom: The Best Match in Hell

GameShampoo looks into the Stray Mod for Doom. We give a breakdown of getting the program used for the mod, GZDoom, up and running, and getting the mod working. We talk about the changes to get the

Resident Evil Netflix Series Ep 2, “The Devil You Know” Review

Time to look at episode 2 of Resident Evil: "The Devil You Know." The struggle of Jade in the present to escape from England becomes very real. In the past, major complications come up with Billie.


“To elude Umbrella, Jade seeks help from an unlikely source. As Albert tries to cover for his daughters, Billie begins to exhibit troubling symptoms.”

Resident Evil Netflix Series – Welcome to Raccoon City Review

A new video game  based series to review! And right back into the 1 episode reviews. Giving all our thoughts (and light analysis) of what happened in that episode, as well as initial impression of the series. With 8 episodes to watch, there is plenty left to cover.

15 Years of Assassin's Creed - Assassin's Creed: The Beginning

Sharing my history with the Assassin's Creed series. With some many entries, it's easier to talk about the games in their meta narrative. This means starting with Desmond Miles. This is talking about Assassin's Creed, the first game in the series.

The Cuphead Show Review

We took the time to watch the whole of the Cuphead Show on Netflix and wanted to share our thoughts on this animated take on the famous Video Game.

Halo Ep 9 “Transcendence” Review

"Beaten, battered, and betrayed, John-117 leads the Spartans on a suicide mission to find the Halo and save humanity."

The final episode of the Halo series for Season 1. Plenty to talk about here and we share a lot of thoughts.

Halo Ep 8, “Allegiance” Review

We're at the penultimate episode of Season 1 of "Halo." The first part of the Silver timeline is about to conclude. We share our thoughts on the happenings of the episode. Moderate spoilers, so definitely watch the episode first!

“John and Makee come to terms with their shared vision. Halsey has one last chance to save her mission, and herself. As things come to a head, everyone must choose a side.”

Halo Ep 7, “Inheritance” Review

The whole series is out now! Time to start binging the Halo and getting these reviews done. Added to the collection of reviewed is now Episode 7, Inheritance. A departure from the rest of the series, and a welcome one.

“Kwan's journey to uncover her family's 'true purpose' takes her deep into the deserts of Madrigal. Soren obsesses over unfinished business.”

Halo Ep 6, “Solace” Review

We sit down and talk about the happenings in episode 6, "Solace" of the Paramount+ series.


“Survivors of the battle with the Covenant return to Reach. John confronts Dr. Halsey and her lies. The new prisoner seems to know John better than he knows himself. The mysterious artifact shows John something startling.”

Halo Ep 5 “Reckoning” Review

“On the run and out of options, Kwan and Soren have a difference of opinion. With the possibility of finding the mysterious Halo on everyone's minds, John makes a horrible discovery. And war rears its ugly head.”

We are trying to catch up with the series. The mystery of the memories and the artifacts give insight ot John's past. Everyone is after the artifact to see where it leads, to find this "Halo" weapon.

Halo Ep 4, “Homecoming” Review

"Guided by his visions, John takes Halsey and Cortana back to where it all began, looking for answers from his past. With Soren along for protection, Kwan goes in search of an army."

We take a look at episode 4 of Halo on Paramount+. John searches his home planet as his memories slowly emerge, learning slight truths. The threat also escalates for Kwan on Madrigal. See what we think of the episode and where things are going.

Halo Ep 3 "Emergence" Review

"John meets his new partner and discovers secrets in his own memory; Kwan wants to continue her people's fight for independence, but Soren has different plans for her; Makee's plan to retrieve the Madrigal object has deadly consequences."

Onto to Episode 3, "Emergence," Cortana is born, John-117 makes drastic choices, Makee enacts the first step of her plan, and Kwan will not be sidelined by anyone.

Halo Ep 2, "Unbound" Review

John takes Kwan to an old friend and learns more about the mystery object, which the Covenant and Makee are determined to steal. With the alien threat growing, Dr. Halsey has a plan to deal with John's unpredictable behavior.


We look over the episode and give insights to the parts. The highs, the lows, favorites are shared. Spoilers, obviously, so read after watching.

Halo Ep 1, “Contact” Review

Less recap, and infinitely more review, we look at Halo on Paramount+ to give our share of thoughts on the new series first episode: "Contact."

Arcane Ep 9, “The Monster You Created” Recap and Review

“Perilously close to war, the leaders of Piltover and Zaun reach an ultimatum. But a fateful standoff changes both cities forever.”

The finale of Arcane Season 1. We look at the final episode and look at how things could shape up in the announced second season.

Arcane Ep 7 “The Boy Savior” Recap and Review

“Caitlyn and Vi meet an ally in Zaun's streets and head into a frenzied battle with a common foe. Viktor makes a dire decision.”


A lot happened in this one, so strap in as we take a look at "The Boy Savior."

Arcane Ep 6, “When These Walls Come Tumbling Down,” Recap and Review

“An eager protege undermines his mentor on the council as a magical tech rapidly evolves. With authorities in pursuit, Jinx must face her past.”


We take a look at episode 6 of Arcane. While we go into detail about this episode, there is also a look into Heimerdinger's species: the Yordle.

Arcane Ep 4 Recap and Review, “Happy Progress Day”

“With Piltover prospering from their tech, Jayce and Viktor weigh their next move. A familiar face re-emerges from Zaun to wreck havoc.”

Time marches forward, and so does progress. Jayce and Viktor have a new invention ready. Silco's gang works on their smuggling operation through the assault of a rival faction, the Firelights.

The Witcher Recap and Review Episode 1, “A Grain of Truth”

Toss a coin to your Witcher since a new season is on Netflix!
Geralt and Ciri being their journey together.

“Geralt sets off with Ciri on a journey that leads him to an old friend. After the Battle of Sodden, Tissia shows no mercy in her search for information.

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