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High Score Ep 3 Recap – Role Players

GameShampoo reaches episode 3, "Role Players." This episode look at some influence people begin the RPG genre: Roberta and Ken Williams of Sierra Games, Richard Garriott of Ultima, and Ryan Best who made "GayBlade."

High Score Ep 2 Recap – The Comeback Kid

The second episode of "High Scores," focuses on the resurgrence of the Video Game Market as Nintendo comes across the sea to attempt to gain a foothold in the US. Once again, we add little bits of additional information for everyone the episode skipped on.

High Scores Episode 1 - Boom and Bust Recap

The Staff of GameShampoo sit down, and recap the new Netflix limited series: "High Score." We'll recap the episode and add in missed juicy video game history facts.

Carrion – All Exploration, All to be Consumed Review

Carrion is an indie game released by Devolver Digital, made by Phobia studios. It is an exploration based reverse horror game where you play as the monster. What does this game offer? How long does it take to play? That and much more will be answered in this review.

Magic the Gathering Panel with Mark Rosewater San Diego Comic@Home 2020

Mark Rosewater did a presentation for San Diego Comic Con 2020. He presented on the upcoming September expansion, Zendikar Rising.

P.S. NPC: Storytelling in Video Games SDCC@Home 2020

An article about the SDCC@Home2020 ePanel, "P.S. NPC: Storytelling in Video Games." With panelists from a variety of studios: Sam Maggs (Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart) speaks with Jill Scharr (Destiny 2), Shayna Moon (God of War 2018), Charles Beacham (Blankos Block Party), Milo Smiley (Spider-Man: Miles Morales), and Megan Fausti (Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order).

Retro-Review: Skies of Arcadia Legends

Looking back on a unique JRPG that is a favorite, we talk about the Gamecube remake of Skies of Arcadia. What did this game bring to the table, what is unique, and what makes it like that.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Cornering the Stalk Market

Tips for getting the most out of your Turnips. Learn the best practices for heading over to another's island, where to go to find Turnip Prices,

Animal Crossing New Horizons: An Introduction to Animal Crossing

GameShampoo Editor talks about his introduction to the Animal Crossing series and shares thoughts on how Anima Crossing New Horizons is.

Animal Crossing New Horizons - CJ's Fishing Tourney

A limited time event if you've found CJ and convinced him to hold the Fishing Tourney on your island! Catch fish, get points and Bells!

E.T. The Extraterrestrial – BEST GAME EVER!!!111!!!

 Welcome to the GameShampoo review of the Atari 2600 game, “E.T. - The Extraterrestrial.” This amazing gem of Gaming history was released in North America in December of 1982. The entire game was made in 5.5 weeks by Howard Scott Warshaw. Warshaw ...

Destiny 2 – The Seraph Bunkers and Warmind Currencies Grind Guide

The Searph Bunkers and aiding Rasputin re-establish his inter-solar defense network is key here. This is a guide to help you get the most of the Bunker Upgrades, Bounties, and Daily opporunities to reach max level effectively.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo Impressions

The demo for Final Fantasy 7 has been released. After playing it a few times, we share our thoughts and some analysis of the demo and what is has to offer. Also, what it looks to be bringing in the full game.

Sonic the Hedgehog – Way Past Cool Film Review

Did Sonic run rings around Jim Carrey? Was the redesign worth the money? Here's our review.

The Witcher Netflix Series Review

The Witcher has emerged as a new series on Netflix. Geralt of Rivia is brought to life and we get to see what that looks like. With 8 episodes, each about an hour, it is a great ride.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Unique Evolutions

Pokemon Sword and Shield have unique evolutions that have surprisingly specific requirements. This guide will tell you how to the unique Pokemon in Sword and Shield and what conditions are needed for which!

Pokemon Go - GO Team Rocket

Team Rocket has made their presence known in Pokemon Go. What does this mean for the trainers and how to take a stand against them!

Nintendo E3 2019 Presentation

GameShampoo Editors have watched the Nintendo Direct for E3 2019. We're very excited to see what is coming for the Nintendo Switch. There were literal tears for what was announced.

Alita: Battle Angel – A Review (and a bit of history)

Alita: Battle Angel is now in theaters. We get to see how this adaption of the classic manga fares in the modern world.

Pokemon Go - Celebi Research Task "A Ripple in Time"

Pokemon Go has added in a new Mythical Research Task, A Ripple in Time, for the Time-Traveling Legendary, Celebi. The Trainer must complete a number of steps to earn this mythical Pokemon.

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