There Are Aliens In Titanfall

IGN has gotten their hands on the first run of the Art of Titanfall book, and it reveals a massive component of the game that EA and Respawn have left secret - until today. 

We've all seen the towering Titans in action by now, but these hulking mechs won't be the only titans of the battlefield. Gargantuan alien monsters will also feature in some levels, with the haunting new 'Boneyard' level being the best example of this surprising new focus. Boneyard takes place on the planet Leviathan, which was named after its massive occupants, many of whom have died out. The level is played inside the skeleton of one of these huge creatures, but others can be seen disappearing into the mist in the background.

But these aren't the only monsters that will appear in the game. Others will interact more directly with the player. Small flying creatures will harass you on Boneyard, while other levels will feature creatures that "will walk or fly around levels harmlessly until people interfere. Others will attack when you just star at them."

Looks like you'll have yet another wrinkle to worry about when Titanfall goes live next month.

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