Get Glow-in-the-Dark Condoms For Pre-Ordering InFamous: Second Son

If you were a superhero with the power to control the element neon, what's the first thing you would do? If you answered "pump my dick full of the stuff and flop it around like a glow stick at a Skrillex concert," then boy, has GameStop Italy got a pre-order promotion for you!

Because that's the one thing hardcore gamers need - condoms.

The Italian branch of the worldwide games retailer has revealed an extra-special "pre-order kit" for InFamous: Second Son, which includes "una scatola di profilattici flourescenti" - a box of condoms that glow in the dark. Two cans of Red Bull will also be included, so your urine can glow to match!

Is this the start of a new wave of contraceptive and sex toy retailer exclusives? I can see it now; The Elder Scrolls Online's ouroboros pleasure ring for the first 100 customers! Kratos' Bondage Blades of Chaos shipping exclusively in the Collector's Edition! 

Get at me, GameStop. 

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