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Skyrim 1.9 level up glitch?

0 votes
You can get all perks!

But no xp glitch. This made me go insane, having something awesome added to the game aswell as one removed. Is there any way I can level up to a level 200 or something really quick? And not just one thing like just alchemy or smithing I want to know how to level up ALL the skills. How do I do this?!? Please answer! I will explode if there's no answer!
asked 9 years ago in CheatsCheats by DarkCloud0299 Mercenary (1,311 points)   1 2 16

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1 Answer

0 votes

you can get your alteration skill to 100 in about 40 minutes if you know the telikinetic spell that lets you move objects.  just get a few pots and baskets and fire them at a wall   continuously.  when you run out of magic wait an hour and continue.  well rested(by sleeping) and the mages stone will cut time down.   smithing can be done in 20 minutes, by making hide bracers. all you need is about 5000,leather and 5000, leather strips.  having that much will save you time allowing you to get smithing to 100, 20 times in one short sit down. you can do the same thing with alchemy,but im not sure what ingredients work best.                                                                                                                                                                           fore the other skills if you have alot of money you can wait till you can level up 30 times at once.  if you press (B) or (O) really fast, just after you select stamina, Health, or Magic you'll only level up one at a time.  letting you train skills to plus 5, 30 times =  150.  everything else takes 3 to 6 hours of grinding depending on the skill.  hope this helped. 

answered 9 years ago by anonymous  
Thank you!

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