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Minecraft redstone spamming? 1.4.2

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Can somebody post a video  or tell me how please? I want to know how you can make a redstone contraption that will repeatedly spam on and off at hyperspeed, so i can make a reapetedly spawn mobs, give items, or splash a bunch of potions.          Please Answer, Minecraft account name: DarkCloud0299


asked 9 years ago in ProPro by DarkCloud0299 Mercenary (1,311 points)   1 2 16

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1 Answer

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because there are millions of tutorials on this with different designs (but mostly the same concept) i will describe it to you.  

Here is the ground from a birds eye view

KEY: R=repeater T=redstone torch S=redstone

S   R   S

R         R

S   R   S  T

the repeaters should be facing towards the redstone *above* them. no  repeater should be facing a piece of redstone that another repeater is facing. after placing the torch, break it, and then break any piece of redstone and quickly place it again in the exact spot. now the redstone should be rapidly flickering. just attach a dispenser, another piece of redstone, etc to any piece of redstone and BAM there you go.
answered 9 years ago by BazookaPig Grandmaster (13,814 points)   5 9 35

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