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User The_Thing

Member for: 13 years
Type: Registered user
Location: Endicott, NY
Bio: was originally named "The_Thing>:D" in CS 1.6 back in 2003 on a separate account.

My name is Joe. I play games as a hobby, not a career. I respect others, I like to help others, I help spread positive messages to others, I love to joke around, and my passion in my life is music--I'm studying that in college and will continue to do so.

You can't judge me unless you get to know me. I'm not the typical, social person you will find in the community; I am different and I'm proud to be different. Like it or not, we are all different and we should always respect that.

*Beggars will never succeed in getting games for free. Don't beg for games, period.*
Playing: Recently:

Splinter Cell: Conviction
Dead Space 2
Portal 2
Inside a Star-filled Sky

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Title: Hero
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