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Overview is a remote learning school for kids (also known as a "Virtual Elementary School", "Virtual Middle School", "Distance Learning School") that can supplement your child's normal school's education, or as part of a homeschooling curriculum. It is ideal for kids ages 5-14.


One of the highly acclaimed features is their JuniorFolio™ which is an online portolio of your child's achievements. Impressive certificates get placed in this digital portfolio and you can share with family and friends to make them proud. JuniorFolio™ is one of those things that are a must today if you want your kid to get into the college of their choice or into advanced programs.

School ID

All students get a digital school ID. Useful as an alternative form of ID, proof of enrollment, or for student discounts! I was able to save hundreds of dollars over the past months by using the Student ID to purchase supplies and more.

School Email Account

All students get their own free email account. Parental monitors can be set up.

Contests and Events organizes many online events including talent show, science fairs, art contest, and more.


Lessons cover all topics such as Mathematics, Science, ELA, History, Geography, Social Studies, and more. There are also lots of other great subjects including music, astronomy, and even learning Spanish!


Pricing is very affordable and it is recommended you purchase the lifetime membership if available.

Customer Service

I would always get a response to any email within 24 hours, many times even less!

Social Media is very active on Social Media and you can connect with them using the following channels: Facebook Twitter YouTube Channel Review

5/5 It is highly recommended to enroll there to give your children the edge they deserve in today's educational world.