Dishonored Debut Trailer Combines Magic With Swordplay

Dishonored was announced a while ago on the cover of Game Informer magazine, but publisher Bethesda and developer Arkane have been fairly quiet on the subject since then. Only now is the first proper trailer surfacing, and even so, it is all in CG. While the final game won't look like this, the four minute trailer does provide a good idea of what to expect from the final product, and it seems pretty cool. Using a combination of magic and steampunk-infused technology, the protagonist can be seen breaking into an official's mansion, slaughtering the guards, and making a dramatic escape.

Much of this is seen from a first-person perspective in the trailer, which is indicative of the perspective in the actual game as well. Many of the assassination moves performed in the video are done from a first-person vantage point, and might be reminiscent of some of the moves available in the final game. First-person parkour will also play a big part in making Dishonored unique. Scrambling over rooftops and windowsills looks to be frantic fun. Let's just hope that the final game looks as neat as this trailer.

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