Take Your Skylanders On The Go With Cloud Patrol

Activision and Toys For Bob's Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure turned out to be a bigger success than the publisher and developer duo could have imagined when it released across all platforms last fall. By fusing together an addictive meta game of collecting figurines with the light dungeon crawling of the core game, they hit on a formula that had kids begging for more and parents scrambling to keep up with the demand. Although a full-fledged sequel, subtitled Giants, has already been announced, an iOS game has been in the works to flesh out the Skylanders experience. Activision released a trailer showcasing the game, called Skylanders Cloud Patrol, and it functionality.

Eager players will still be able to import their characters, although obviously not by scanning them as they would on the Portal of Power. Instead, you will have to enter the code on the bottom of your figurine in order to project it into the game world. From here, you will be able to earn experience and money by competing in a series of minigames somewhat reminiscent of the web games that have been on the Skylanders website for a while now. Check out the short trailer below, and prepare to buy your children a copy or two of the game, as it is already available on iOS.

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