Bury Your Enemies In Sand In Spec Ops: The Line Multiplayer

Publisher 2K and developer Yager seem to have been showing off Spec Ops: The Line forever now. Despite the fact that we have been following the game for years, not a peep was uttered about the game's multiplayer modes. Until now, that is. Today, 2K released a first ever glimpse of The Line's team-based online modes, and the ways in which they differ from those of the competition. The trailer has been embedded below, so be sure to check it out.

A few interesting tidbits can be discovered from the trailer. First off is some sort of invisibility power, which would be great for snipers. Now maybe there's some sort of invisibility cloak technology at work in Dubai that I'm not aware of, but that particular perk does not seem to gel with the ultra-realistic, super serious tones of the single player trailers. Luckily, a few of the other abilities shown in the trailer look a little more grounded, such as the ability to shoot out walls and floors, burying enemies in piles of sand. 

Check out the trailer below to see more of the game's online competitive gameplay. If you like what you see, be sure to check out Spec Ops: The Line when it washes over retail on June 26th.

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