London Is Ready In New Olympic Games Trailer

If Mario and Sonic's premature entrance into the 2012 Olympics in London was a little anthropomorphic-forest-critter-heavy for your tastes, SEGA has the cure. More cowbell! Er, wait. Let's start that over again. The official game of the 2012 London Olympics has been announced just in time for its real world counterpart, and SEGA has put out a new trailer to fan the flames of excited fans. You will catch a glimpse of a few of the major events featured in the game (and the Games) such as archery, swimming, biking, and diving, accompanied by a motivational voiceover. If nothing else, the game promises to feature tons of gameplay variety thanks to the numerous events of the Olympics.

What is perhaps the oddest thing about the trailer is that it makes no mention of Kinect or Move support. You would think that, with all of the sports and exercise games flooding both platforms, a game based off of the Summer Olympics, the most famous sporting even of all time, would make perfect sense for the peripherals. There's always time for SEGA to announce some sort of compatibility, though, so keep up with GameShampoo to hear the latest. For now, enjoy the trailer below.

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