New God Of War Game Announced For PS3

It has been rumored for months, but this morning developer Sony Santa Monica finally put all of the speculation to rest by confirming that yes, a new God of War game is coming to the Playstation 3. Subtitled Ascension, the game will take players back to the origins of Kratos. This will take players back even farther than the successful PSP titles, which purported to show the beginning of Kratos' rage. 

Although not much information has been released on the game as of yet, we do know a few tidbits about its development. Keeping with series tradition, the Game Director will be different than those of the last three games. Taking over where David Jaffe, Cory Balrog, and Stig Asmussen left off will be Todd Pappy. He and Sony Santa Monica have been teasing this reveal over the last week via the Playstation Facebook page

A teaser trailer was released for the game, as well. You can find it embedded below.

This story comes courtesy of VG247, who broke the news early this morning.

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