Prototype 2 Trailer Calls In Reinforcements

The original Prototype was largely interesting because of the vast array of powers that protagonist Alex Mercer could use against the government agents and mutated beasts running around New York. Developer Radical Entertainment seems to be aware of that, and they are expanding the library of powers greatly if recent trailers are any indication. The most interesting of these new powers is certainly the Pack Leader ability shown off in this new trailer.

As the developers explain over the course of the trailer, the Pack Leader ability will allow new protagonist Sergeant James Heller to command groups of mutated beasts called Brawlers. These brutish creatures can be commanded to attack specific enemies of lay seige to certain locations by having Heller point him finger in their direction. It's almost like giving orders to a small army, even as you will still be climbing buildings and hurling cars alongside them. The Pack Leader ability looks to add an intriguing strategic twist to the classic open world formula of Prototype. Check it out in the trailer below. 

Prototype 2 is set to release in North America on April 24th.

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