House Of The Dead 4 Makes Its First Appearance Outside Of Arcades On PSN

SEGA's House of the Dead series has been ressurected on so many platforms and in so many formats, it can be hard to keep track. One of the few HotD games that has never been remade, re-released, or remastered is HotD 4, which has remained exlusive to arcades up until this point. We say "up until now" because SEGA announced today that the game would finally see the light of day on a home console, namely the Playstation 3. Best of all, the game will be reanimated as early as tomorrow, April 18th, during the weekly Playstation Store update. The game will cost $9.99.

The game will receive several significant upgrades due to the demands of the PS3 and modern games. New Trophies will be added to the game, hopefully giving it just as much replay value as it had in the arcades. The graphics have also gotten an update. All of the game's textures have gotten an HD facelift, meaning that this version of HotD 4 will be by far the prettiest.

SEGA's last HotD game for the PS3, Overkill, featured Move support as one of its key selling points. SEGA made no mention of whether or not this re-release would support the peripheral, but here's to hoping. 

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