Skyrim Dawnguard: How to get to Dimhollow Crypt

After arriving at Fort Dawnguard, enter and speak with the leader of the Dawnguard, Isran. If you wish, listen to the dialogue between him and Tolan. Tell Isran you are here to join the Dawnguards. He briefs you on the situation, and tells you that you need to investigate Dimhollow Crypt. This starts the next quest, "Awakening". You have now completed the first quest in the Dawnguard DLC, "Dawnguard"

You can watch Agmaer as he asks Isran to join the Dawnguards. Also feel free to talk to the various NPCs around the fort to learn more about the Dawnguard and the Vampire Threat.

When you are ready, it is time to head for Dimhollow Crypt. There are two ways you can go there:

From Morthal:

Fast Travel to Morthal, then travel EAST. You will cross a small stream of water, arrive at the mountains, and go around the mountains from the NORTH side. See map below. Look for the stone markers and for the long road leading up into the mountain, there are some stairs on that road. Go up the road (passing through some waypoint flags) and arrive at the entrance to Dimhollow Crypt.

From Dawnstar:

Fast Travel to Dawnstar, then travel SOUTHWEST. Approach the path from the NORTH/EAST side. See the map below. Locate the path leading up into the mountains, and climb the long road until you reach the Dimhollow Crypt entrance.

Dawnstar is a bit faster, however it is easier to travel from Morthal. So choose between quicker or easier. If you have not been to either Dawnstar nor Morthal, use a carriage from any city to get to one of those places.

See map below for which route to take from either city.

In the next part, we explore Dimhollow Crypt.


Map to get to Dimhollow Crypt

And here is the road you are looking for:

Dimhollow Crypt Mountain Path

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