Square Enix Presentation E3 2021 Summary

The presentation was started with their announcer: Matt Mercer.


The first game presented was by Eidos Montreal. This is a game focused on The Guardians of the Galaxy. It definitely is doing a mix of the comics and the MCU in terms of style. You will be playing as Peter Quill leading the Guardians as they attempt to repay a debt the accumulated doing something. It at least looks like you will be able to have some influence over your team-mates, but it is hard to say since the whole trailer was a cinematic. This game has a release date of October 26, 2021.


After the trailer finished, we were treated to Olivier Proulx, a senior producer at Eidos Montreal. They had spent the past few years work on The Guardians of the Galaxy game. It is a single player 3rd person action adventure game. It is a fresh take on the property. The Guardians themselves will have their own mind and you, as Peter, will need to adapt to what they do. They will also challenge Peter, likely attempting to take control of the team for a time. The team also spent some time talking about how much freedom they had with the villains. It does sound like the villain of the game, the main one at least, is one of the lesser known foes of the Guardians.


After that, we are treated to some of the gameplay. We get to see the Guardians arguing, talking about how to keep the ship after whatever the instigating event was. This was showing the timed dialogue responses that the player will have as Peter. They need to opt in, and after that, a quick blurb for each side of the argument is shown with the person making that argument. They need to make some Units to keep the ship. We are shown the dialogue path where Groot suggests selling himself as a monster to Lady Hellbender. Drax suggests, instead, selling Rocket since he is closer to the kind of the monster that Hellbender is interested in. Peter gets the deciding vote. After that, we get to see some of the game in-development in exploration and combat. The Guardians leave the Milano and start making their way across the plains-like area to reach Lady Hellbender's fortress. The Guardians then encounter a strange creature. Peter will be able to ask his team-mates to help him out in battle, calling on their different abilities to help with their enemies. This next fight showed off the Huddle, where Peter put on some music and the whole team came together for the fight. This seems to have unlimited calls for your team-mates help opposed to them working on their normal timer. After that and getting to the entrance of the fortress. We get a montage of some things that happen a bit in.


The next segment was a quick look at the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series that is coming soon to Steam and mobile. This will have the original Final Fantasy 1-6 being remastered to modern pixel art. I always wonder how much of the gameplay will change for PC and mobile. Then there is the question of which translation they will be going with or if it will be a fresh translation. Very little was shown telling about those parts. We just learned what games of the classic series of final fantasy were getting this treatment.


After that, we got another look at the Legend of Mana remaster that is coming out on June 24th, 2021. This was showing new animated cutscenes that have been added to the game. The sprites in game are definitely keeping the charm that made the game what is was back in the PSX era. It was just a quick look, but always a welcome one. The Legend of Mana made a big difference in the series and started in a very different direction than the previous entries.


Next was a look at the Marvels: Avengers game its growing roster of heroes. It start ed with a roadmap of the content coming out. So far we've gotten Operation: Hawkeye, and the Future Imperfect story line in March. Then there was the Tachyon Anomaly in April. We just finished the Red Room Takeover in May and are about halfway through the Cosmic Cube events for this month. Next month is the Wasteland Patrol content. From there was a detailed look at what is happening with the present event, taking on the Scientist Supreme. We got a preview of the content coming in the Wasteland patrol next month. They made a point of mentioning the Exploration based rewards, so there is likely to be daily missions focused on just visiting locations, beating targets up and investigating places. Finally, the most recently announced piece, the “War for Wakanda.” This will put the King of Wakanda up against Klaue. He's managed to sneak into Wakanda and is terrorizing the peaceful city. He's been able to capture and reprogram a number of drones about the city and is generally causing chaos so he can get more Vibranium. This expansion is included at no extra cost apparently (with the usual asterisk).


From there, it was time to take a look at upcoming mobile games from Square Enix. It started with Hitman Sniper The Shadows. Not much was shown beyond a cutscene and a twitter link to see the extended reveal trailer there. The next game was Neir Reincarnation. This looks to be a top-side or side view puzzle game. Then again, the Neir series is very deceptive in what you can encounter, so be ready. This is the first one that has made its way to mobile. Then they showed the current cross-promotion with Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Brave Exvius is getting some content from the original Final Fantasy added to it. The Ultra rare character, the Warrior of Light is added in for a limited time. This promotion will be running from June 16th until July 13th. Each day a summons will be available for free. From the sound of things, there will be at least 1 Ultra Rare Guaranteed within the group. They boast that players will be able to get up to 70 free summons in this time. They also promoted the 5th anniversary Countdown campaign that begins on June 17th. You will get a free unique character when you log-in on that day. You will also be granted Free 10+1 Summons, with 1 guaranteed 5 star/NV. Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier got a quick trailer after that. It looks to be a third person action RPG title with a strong focus on guns. There will still be plenty of magic and summons that you will be able to use.


Platinum Game's new title, Babylon's Fall was next on the schedule. The trailer showed off the unique art of the game. It was show casing the world exploration as the characters work to compete to be the savior of Babylon. There were some interesting quotes which could make for a very interesting game like, “Believe in only what you see, and you're like to only see what you believe”. After that, we were treated to the developer interview. They made it clear that it will be completable solo, but it will also feature a robust 4 person multiplayer mode. The small squad will be able to delve into the dungeons and climb the tower. It will be the first live-service title that Platinum Games will be releasing. So there will be plenty of additional content added to the game for a long time. The quick interview ended with a screen talking about the closed Beta available at www.babylonsfall.com/beta/


Next was a look into the Life is Strange universe. Before going forward into the next Life is Strange entry, we were shown a look back with the Life is Strange Remastered Collection. The graphics have gotten the facelift the needed to stay current on the present generation of Hardware. This collection will be releasing on September 30th, 2021. When it comes to the new entry for the Life is Strange series, Life is Strange: True Colors. MXMToon, Mia, the singing voice for Alex Chen, giving more details. Alex will be investigating the details of how her brother died in Haven Springs. She'll be finding some dark secrets while she is doing this, investigating with her psychic power of Empathy. After that, the director of the game, Zak Garriss, came on to talk about Alex's power. He explains that is power of empathy will give better insight into the other character's emotions. This will help deeper her relationship with these characters as well as adding in more dialogue options. By focusing in on particularly strong emotions, she can enter the Nova State. This will alter how Alex sees the world so she can better understand and sort the root of the problem the person is dealing with. These powers and their use will have dire consequences throughout the whole of the story. The game will be coming out September 10th, 2021.


With Team Ninja and a number of influential names, the next game was Final Fantasy Origin: Strange of Paradise. It looks to feature gameplay very much in the style of God of War or Dark Souls. It definitely looks to feature a deep combat system under the hood. While a demo has been released for the PS5, at the time of writing (6/14/2021) the demo itself is corrupted and unplayable. Square Enix is working on fixing it, so watch their twitter and Newsfeeds for when the patched version is released. The game looks to release next year in 2022 on PS4/5, Xbox Series S/X/One, and PC.


Next was a montage of games just out or coming out shoot to conclude the presenation:

Play Now:

Final Fantasy 7 Remake INTERgrade

Nier: Replicant




World Ends With You NEO

Life is Strange: True Colors

Marvel: Avengers – Black Panther: Battle for Wakanda


More to come:


Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI: Endwalker

Guardians of the Galaxy

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