Capcom E3 2021 Presentation Summary

Time to get caught up on what Capcom has in store for all their fans this year and in the coming years. There is information on Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, and the Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.


The presentation started with Resident Evil VIII: Village. It brought the world another chapter in the decade long story as the series reaches its 25th anniversary. After a quick trailer, we got to hear from Tsoyoshi Kanda, the producer for Resident Evil VIII: Village. He thanked the people who have played the game since its launch in May of 2021. He also gave a reminder that everyone who has bought RE 8 will have access to the online multplayer, Re:Verse. This game has players going head to head as both heroes and bioweapons from throughout the series. Re:Verse will be going live in July. They also stuck in the announcement that additional DLC will be coming out for it.


Next up was Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin (releasing July 9th, 2021 worldwide) along with more information on the series. In Wings of Ruin we will be taking on a Rathalos as a companion. The egg given to the player is the Ratha, with the Wings of Ruin. This will be a turn-based RPG. This series is offering a more cel-shaded look than the realistic look for the main series. It should be a fun time for those who like the Monster Hunter work and need something a bit more light hearted. There will be a free update containing a new Monstie: Palamute. This update will be available July 15th, 2021. There will be a free trial version of the game available until June 25th, 2021. Your save file from the trial version will make the transfer to the full game with its release. And, of course, there is a pre-order bonus with a unique costume for one of the characters: Ena. This is the Kamura Maiden outfit she will able able to wear. By linking your save file from Monster Hunter Rise to Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, you will get the unique Kamura Garb layered armor for the player. There will also be 3 amiibo available for the game. Next, for Monster Hunter Rise will be a collaboration with Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. This will feature the Tsukino Palico Layered Armor on June 18th as an Event Quest reward. It will also feature the Rider Layered Armor for linking your Monster Hunter Stories 2 to Rise. Rise will also get some new Downloadable Event Quest: Like, Almudron: Fashion Victim, Fooled in the Flooded Forest, Rampage: Muddi Gras, Heart of a Hero, An Icy Blade So Bright and more. There will also be the Black Leather Pants Event Quest Reward, the emote, “Play Possum”, the Shadow Shades armor, the Festival Sticker Set, plus more paid DLC content for everyone to enjoy.


Now we were looking at The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles. Previously only available in Japan, they now have a world wide release. Players will be in the shoes of Ryunosuke Naruhodo, an ancestor of Pheonix Wright. He's gone off to London to make his mark as a great lawyer. He will be working with Horlock Sholmes. Working together, they will investigate the scene of the crime to collect evidence then head into the court room to strength your case. Your main rival looks to be Van Zieks, a well experienced prosecutor. It does bring the game series more into the modern era in terms of of looks. The game will be releasing on July 27th, 2021 for PS4, Switch, and PC via Steam. This game will include 10 new cases and 8 mini-escapades to complete. We were then shown 2 new features of the game: “Dance of Deduction” and “Summation Examination.” With the “Dance of Deductions,” Ryunosuke will need to sort out the flaws from Sholmes grandiose set of deductions. After that was an example of the “Summation Examination.” The jury's view of the case will be represented by the scales behind the judge. The Black side represents the Guilty Verdict while the White side represents the Not Guilty. As the examination within the court room goes on, you will be able to see the changes of the scales. Ryunosuke will need to do as his descendant will, and look for the conflicting statements to sway the jury from their Guilty verdict. Each one resolved will lean the jury more toward the “Not Guilty” verdict. You will need to pit 2 jurors against each other to highlight the contradictions in their logic. Once the contradiction is spotted, you will need to submit the evidence Ryunosuke has found to support your own claim. There are, of course, more changes in store for us within the The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles to enjoy with its late July release.


The showcase closed with a look at Capcom E-Sports that has been getting released over on Capcom Fighters. We had Vicious, the commentator, and one of the Street Fighter V competitors and host, RobTV. They were talking about this years tournament set-up. You have a series of tournament, each a prize pool of $5,000 for each. This series will have a total of 32 events across 19 territories, which will give players around the world a chance to get in and attempt to reach the Capcom cup this season. They also took the time to highlight the other events that Capcom is supporting in addition to their main tournament. There is No Neutral, the pre-show for the tournaments themselves; Sets which is a first to 10 series of exhibition matches; Street Fighter League, a battle tournament series where the field is narrowed from 16 to 3, battling for the $150,000 prize. Street Fighter League has evolved, so its not just the main fighter, but they will have their team to help them out. They also talked about the Intel World Open which is happening presently (June 14th, 2021) in Tokyo. Everyone who logs into Street Fighter V during this period, will get special rewards. This will be a variety of Titles and unique Dojo objects. The first set is from 6/1-6/13(UTC), the second from 6/14-7/4 (UTC), and the final third set is from 7/5 – 7/23 (UTC). More information is available at They finished this with a quick montage of past happenings with the Capcom pro tour. After that, it was just a recap of what Capcom has shown so far.


Final Thoughts:

Compared to a lot of other presentations, the Capcom one was very focused. They knew what they wanted to be showing in this and kept it simple. Just a few announcements about things, but nothing groundbreaking. E3 is a very good location to promote your Competitive league for sure. Only a few bits of new news was in there, which is disappointing for a major developer like Capcom, but there has been a lot coming out of late. Getting the information about with the limited time promotions is important though. Those who are into Street Fighter V will definitely enjoy those unique rewards.

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