Mythical Games E3 2021 Presentation

The biggest feature they were focused on for this presentation was the Blockchain development tool that they are working with. It will have a very unique element of Player Ownership of the elements within the game. It is Mythical Games take on what a player driven and player owned economy within a game could look like. This is in stark contrast to what many other elements of the gaming sphere are, where the companies are trying to wring every last micro-transaction from the player.


Within Blockos, it will be much more player driven. It is built around the concept of “play, earn collect.” The game itself is looking at these Blanko toys and what they do when their owners are asleep. This game is plainly meant to build on the success of Roblox, Vinyl Toys (Pops), and the NFT trend that swept across the world. Everyone who wants to play this can simply launch the game. It will not require any understanding of the complex nature of different elements that make up the behind-the-scenes parts.


Players within the Blockparty world will be able to build their own worlds. The player will be able to set the win conditions for their levels. There is a robust level editor and there are is a lot that can be done with it. It does offer a simple 1-5 rating system. I certainly hope that it does offer some form of feedback for the experience itself.


The Blankos do have a number of unique elements. This does mean that by playing with the Vinyl toys that each of the toys will develop into something far more unique and rare. This does also mean that the game and its collectible elements will have provable scarcity.


A very unique element to this NTF game is the Smart Contract. This does mean that the originator of the art will always get a cut of any sale of the item. They will have some idea of where their art has gone and what has been happening with it. This is something very different from the physical art scene where art simply vanishes from the artist after that first sale.


It is based on the Proof of Authority model for authentication. They were also a little sly and included at least a mention that none of this game or its economy will be working from Crypto Mining.


They did announce the first of their major Partnership, with designer Burberry. They will also be working with Deadmau5, Quiccs and a few other major players.


Final Thoughts:

This seems like the natural next step of evolution for games like Roblox. A strong player-based economy is something. It seems to be a lot like the Steam Marketplace where the studio gets a small cut of all sales. With all the different elements that look to be available and the robust builder, there is much more yet to come. While not my thing, it does look to be something interesting for those in the NFT scene and the gaming scene.


The game is available in Early Access for free at

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