Mario Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons adds New Items

Mario Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Today is March 10, “Mar10” or Nintendo Day. It has been long awaited since the last Nintendo Direct where it was announced that Mario Bros themed items would be coming to the Islands of New Horizon. Many of us have been waiting for today and the release of these items.

Getting these items is easily done. There was an update at the end of February that created the permissions of this event. After that, it was simply waiting for the start of it today. Launch the game and go visit the Town Hall (or just access the Nook Shopping app if you have bought 100+ items through it) and go to the Nook Terminal. Once there, go to the “Promotion” tab of the shop. Here, you will find the variety of Super Mario themed items available. There are a lot of items available for the Villager to get to place around their island. These can be a great help with a unified theme to help toward that 5-star rating if you have not gotten there already. The hardest part of all this is the 5 item limit per day with the Nook Terminal (but nothing a little time travel can't fix).

There are a lot of items available here. All are iconic to the Mario series. The Mario Bros themselves have outfits (Hats, overalls, shoes, and mustaches). Princess Peach and Wario outfits are also available for purchase as well. Wario has his hat, mustache, overalls, and shoes just as Peach has her crown, dress and shoes.

There are also a number of blocks available. These are the brick blocks (both on the ground and floating), the iconic “?” blocks, a Star Man, the flag pole (which can be rotated between Mario's and Bowser's flags), mushroom trees. Definitely go for the 1-Up Mushroom when you can as well with the Coins, Fire Flower, Koopa Shells and much more.

The most unique, and one you should get immediately, is a set of Warp Pipes. Once set, these will allow the Villager to quickly travel from one pipe to the next. This is a great way to create a shortcut across the whole of the island between your favorite spots. Personally will be setting it nearby my house and nearby my fruit grove.

These items will be available all month at the very least and likely for a few more. Take your time to order each of them and multiples! These will be great for trading with other players, or sharing with friends. Definitely take some time to explore what you can do for the aesthetics of your island with them. In the mean time, just enjoy the tranquility of your island.

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