Animal Crossing New Horizons: Cornering the Stalk Market

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Cornering the Stalk Market

The Stalk Market is something that has been in Animal Crossing for a long time. It started with Joan, back in the first game. These could be bought in a limited window on Sundays. There have always been limits on what turnips could be bought and what can be done with Turnips while they are in the Villagers possession.

Some warnings with Turnips.
*Turnips will always spoil on Sunday.
*Time travel: going forward is fine, but going back will spoil them
*Time Traveling to or past a Sunday will instantly spoil the Turnips

In Animal Crossing New Horizons we have Daisy Mae who appears on your Island from 5am to 12pm console time. They are offered at a set value between 90 and 110. Buying a large number of these from Daisy Mae will have her send the Villager 3 Bamboo Shoots to plant, eat, sell or store. These can be sold to the Twins in Nook's Cranny for a wide range of prices. These can be as low as 9 bells per turnip to as high as 660 bells per turnip. The Twins will not buy turnips on a Sunday.

The next part either requires patience (and luck) or finding any of a number of Facebook Groups or Discord/Slack etc Communities that are focused on the Stalk Market for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. From there, it is still a matter of luck, but things are weighted more in your favor. Here's the advice we have from a few weeks of working within at least 2 Turnip Communities based on Facebook.

First and foremost, read the rules of the community (or group) before joining. Be sure their common practices are good. Some groups are fine with Entry Fees. These fees are either paid upfront (somewhat rare) or just after you complete the transaction. Others are not and only encourage tipping based on your profit (typically 10%).

Second, read the post for the Host (the person with the High Turnip Prices) carefully. Most are working from the comments but others are not. Read what they want to see in the Comments BEFORE commenting. Some are using a third-party site Turnip.Exchange to work their queue. It is their island, you need to play by their rules.

Third: BE RESPECTFUL! Do not steal, do not “leave quietly” (using Minus) since this has a high chance of crashing the Host's game and booting everyone there. This can stop the game session the host had and ruin whatever system they were using to host other players. Leave through the Airport and be sure to leave your tip or pay the entry fee.

Also, close your chat or purchase window when someone is attempting to arrive in the game. This holds up the Villager attempting to arrive, if not denying them entry. My first time, I bogged someone's game down for a minute or two because I did not know about this and was rapidly selecting my turnips to sell. I realized the impact I had had on someone when I was trying to join a game only to be repeatedly denied entry for a few minutes. Mind, this could have been because of an connection issue on the host's side.

Fourth: Expect to lose out on a number of Turnip Deals. Players are human and get very busy hosting other players, managing their island etc. Be patient when you can. Keep to the most recent posts. Anything past 15-20 minutes can be hard to get into the game. Additionally, look at the demand. If you are very fast on the high value (500-600) posts, you have a better chance to get in. Those get filled very quickly, lowering the time to 5 minute or less. The closer to “Just Now” or “1 minute ago” gives a better chance.

Having covered what to do for a community based approach it is time to cover what you can do with your own game. From Monday on, check your game at least twice a day to see what Timmy and Tommy are offering to buy for. Use a notepad and write it down. Organize it by AM/PM, Morning/Afternoon, whichever you prefer and make note of the day. Continue this for Tuesday and Wednesday as well. Now, use your favored browser and find an “Animal Crossing New Horizons Turnip Price Calculator” or “Animal Crossing New Horizons Turnip Price Prophet.” Go to the website and input the Prices under the appropriate days and times. This will give a prediction to what the Prices will be for the forthcoming week. Keep making these notes until the next Sunday or you have sold off your Turnips.

These tips will go a long way for getting some good returns on Turnips. This is something helpful throughout the gameplay with New Horizons. Take your time, hunt for the best prices. Enjoy all the extra bells for your efforts.

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