Animal Crossing New Horizons - CJ's Fishing Tourney

Today is the first seasonal Fishing Tourney that CJ has to offer. It runs until 6pm in your time zone, so people have time and people have not so much time. Either way, this is a great opporunity to make some serious bells to pay for those housing expansions and island infrastructure upgrades. A little easier than farming bugs or other specific catches, this is just a simple tournament that a whole island can enjoy!


The tournament is simple. You have 3 minutes to catch as many fish as you can. You get a notable bonus if you catch at least 3 fish. Also know that all fish catch during tourament participation immediately go into a cooler, so you do not need to clear inventory space! The first round is free, and every subsequent round cost 500 bells to participate in. With CJ buying the fish, you can easily keep going as long as you start the round with 500 bells in your pockets.

Tips for success:

1) Prepare the day before by creating a lot of Fish Bait (100+), that should cover the Villager for 10 rounds.

*This DIY recipe calls for a Manila Clam for each pouch of Fish Bait. This minimizes the downtime between finding fish since it causes another to appear immediately after it has been thrown on the water.

*For added ease, throw the bait then cast the Rod. The fish has good chance to simply start biting!

2)Have at least 2-4 Fishing Rods pre-crafted.

*Carry at least 2 rods with you if you plan on doing any long-term participation in the tournament.

3) Size and type of fish is irrelevant this time, just go for it!

*Only note any fish you have not already donated to Blathers. Grab those from the Cooler and quick run them over to contribute toward unlocking the Golden Fishing Rod.

Points Awarded

1 Fish - 1 Point

2 Fish - 2 Points

3 Fish - 5 Points

4 Fish - 6 Points

5 Fish - 7 Points

6 Fish - 8 Points

7 Fish - 9 Points

8 Fish - 10 Points

9 Fish - 11 Points

10 Fish - 12 Points


As noted above, as you catch fish and participate in the tournamet, you get points. When you have at least 10 points these can be turned into CJ for a reward! Each prize is selected randomly from this list when you exchange your points.

*Fish Pochette

*Fish-print Tee

*Fish Doorplate

*Fresh Cooler

*Tackle Bag

*Fish Print

*Fish Wand

*Fish Drying Rack

*Fish Rug

*Fish Umbrella

*Fishing-Rod Stand

*Marine Pop Wall

*Anchor Statue

When you reach 100, 200, or 300 points, you will receive trophies from CJ the day following the Tournament. 100 gets a Bronze Fish Trophy, 200 gets a Silver Fish Torphy, and 300 gets a Gold Fish Trophy.

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