Destiny 2 – The Seraph Bunkers and Warmind Currencies Grind Guide

Destiny 2 – The Seraph Bunkers and Warmind Currencies

The Season of the Worthy has us doing a daily run through the EDZ (and other bunkers). This will also unlock the Heroic Lost Sectors and Legendary Adventures that can be completed. Be sure you have been upgrading your Seasonal Artifact to unlock Overload, Anti-Barrier (or have Eriana's Vow), and Unstoppable Mods for at least 1 kind of weapon each. Equip them to modern weapons and get ready. Remember that SMGs, Auto Rifles, Side Arms and Hand Cannons are used for this season.

There are 3 new currencies that got introduced: Warmind Bits, Encrypted Warmind Bits and the Chipsets. The Warmind Bits are used to upgrade the Seraph Bunkers. Each tier has a related cost (in Planetary Materials, Legendary Shards and Bits) that goes up the farther you go. This does mean, always start a bunker with the far right upgrades, the Cost Reduction upgrades. This just makes it cheaper (and easier) to completely upgrade a bunker). These upgrades are account-wide, so you only need to do all this grinding once. The Blue Encrypted Warmind Bits are used for claiming rewards. These are expended when you complete the Heroic Lost Sectors (Power Level 980), or successfully complete a Seraph Tower Public Event. This can get you Seraph Weapons, Armor and Mods. Finally, there are a Chipsets, these are used to upgrade the Guardian's integration rank with the Bunker itself.

So, how does all this help get more Warmind bits? Understanding how things come together here is key. The Daily Bounties all reward both kinds of Warmind Bits. These are the best starting point to begin your stockpile to upgrade the bunker. The Encrypted are key to completing the Weekly for a character, which are a great boon toward the cost of upgrading. Now, the repeatable bounties from the Bunkers will reward 10 Warmind bits per. At 3,000 glimmer each, that can get expensive to manage. The better choice is to head off to The Winding Cove and start playing the Seraph Tower public event. These bounties can be repeated on different characters for additional completions and more rewards.

Running the Seraph Tower event is not too hard, as long as people understand what they are doing. Where the event is triggered, a Support Tower will rise up. The Guardians participating need to stand nearby the Tower and defend it from the local enemies. For the EDZ, it will be Fallen and lots of them. Now the base of the Tower needs to be clear of enemies when the powering up part is complete. You can track the charging process by looking at the glowing track on the Support Towers antenna. It will progress upwards as the charge builds. When this portion is completed, a number of Orbs will emerge from the Support Tower. If there are any enemies, the number drops from 9 to 3. This makes it a lot slower to complete the charge portion. Now these Orbs need to be thrown at the end of the charge between the Support Tower and the Central Tower. The orbs do require some accuracy, so take the few seconds for a solid hit. The good news is the square around the base of the Support Tower will change color if there are enemies within its area. This is very helpful since a number of Fallen Units like to be invisible. Further more, you can bring the Orbs between the different Support Towers. If there are remaining Orbs, bring them to the next Support Tower in the rotation. Once the Connection is established between the Support Tower and Central Tower, use the remaining Orbs to begin pressing the Power toward the Central Tower. Getting the charge to 100% will cause a number of Champions to Spawn in. Pull out the weapons with the mods to counter then and go to town as needed. For Barrier, switch once the Barrier is erected and break it. Unstoppable or Overload, try to stunlock them as much as possible. Each successful clear can net around 6-8 Warmind Bits in about 7-9 minutes depending on your “team” or the random players nearby.

After that, it is time to head into the Legendary Lost Sector. Pay attention to the kinds of Champions that are going to be inside and plan accordingly. Once again, you will find a pair of chests at the end. One will give the normal rewards while the other has the Season of the Worthy Rewards.

Finally, there are upgrades for the Bunker that simply should be gotten first. Understanding that all upgrades are available immediately is important. As long as you have the Warmind Bits and the other materials, you can buy the upgrade for the Bunker.. You are going to want to buy the Cost Reduction Tier 1 - 3. After that, go for the Warmind Bit Generation Tier 1 & 2, which will increase the Repeatable Rasputin Bounty rewards from 10 to 12, and give more Bits for the Daily Bunker Clear. Next, go for Warmind Bit Generation Tier 3. This will allow Bonus Bits to appear when you are completing Strikes, Crucible Matches and Gambit Matches. From there, go after the Tier 1 upgrade for the EDZ Encrypted Warmind Bits. After that, go for the Tier 2 version of the upgrade for a chance to simply get the Encrypted Warmind Bits returned. Finally, go for Bit Generation Tier 3. Again, this is a suggestion, it is important to upgrade to suit your own playstyle. The only one to be steadfast on is the Cost Reduction for Tiers 1-3, since it makes everything else notably cheaper (just grab the Warmind Bit Generation Tier 1 for the Daily Bunker after Tier 1 or 2 of it to help in the money making).

Adjust things to what suits your schedule of game play and your style of gameplay. The set-up of upgrading the Bunker and grinding up the Integration Level can be very resource intensive but it will be along easier on your Glimmer supply than last season. Get out there Guardian and have fun.

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