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Team Rocket was the original antagonistic force in Pokemon Generation One. They represented the antithesis of what a trainer should be. Each member only looked out for what the Pokemon could do for them in terms of profit. Team Rocket will steal Pokemon from any trainer they can. Their addition to Pokemon Go offers some new content, an integration of the Shadow Pokemon introduced in the Gamecube games, and 2 unique moves.


This event started with a new special research task being added into the game: A Troubling Situation. This special research task is only 4 steps long, with the last one simply being a collection of rewards.


Step 1:

*Evolve 2 Pokemon: Murkow – Shiny possible

*Power up Pokemon 5 times: Sableye – Shiny Possible

Step Rewards:

1,000 Stardust, 2,000 XP


Step 2:

Save the Shadow Pokemon you catch in this step for the following one.

*Catch 2 Shadow Pokemon: Ekans – Shiny Possible

*Defeat 3 Team Rocket Grunts: Koffing – Shiny Possible

Step Rewards:

2,000 Stardust, 2,000 XP, Golden Razzberries


Step 3:


*Purify 3 Shadow Pokemon: 3,000 Stardust

*Purify a Fire, Water, or Grass type Shadow Pokemon – 3,000 XP

Step Rewards

2,000 Stardust, 5 Silver Pinap Berries, 1 Rare Candy


Step 4 - Rewards:

*1,000 XP

*2,000 Stardust

*Charged TM

*Fast TM

*3 Rare Candy


There is the question of how to tell that GO Team Rocket has taken over a PokeStop. Normally a Poke Stop is a light blue with either a circle around it or a pink tab if it is a Sponsored Stop. Poke Stops being taken over and looted by Team Rocket are a dark blue and move erratically (twitchy). Going to the stop and spinning it will yield only a few items and have the Team Rocket Grunt Appear. These stops seem to be occupied for up to 30 minutes. Everyone going to the stop will encounter the same opposing team.


When it comes to fighting Team Rocket, you are going to want to engage them carefully. The corrupted Shadow Pokemon are very powerful. They start (in Master League) around 3500 CP, climbing up to 8-9,000 CP with 3 stage evolution Pokemon. The Grunt can be fought in the different leagues if that is preferred, but Master seems to afford the best chance. These are going to be tough fights at first, while learning the new charge attack system.


First, pay attention to what the Grunt says on the Battle screen. This will tell you the type of their most powerful Pokemon. Remember, a lot of Pokemon have multiple types, so the same saying can apply to a variety of Pokemon. Finally, you are are not in a friendly competition against a Team Leader. When your Pokemon faint against a Grunt, they need to be revived. They must be healed after each fight, much like a gym battle.


When it comes to catching the Shadow Pokemon, you will always get at least 3 Premium Balls. 2 for defeating the Grunt and 1 per remaining Pokemon (up to a max of 3). There are 2 badges which also contribute to the number of balls you get: Purifier (granting 1 extra ball after you purify 10 Shadow Pokemon) and Hero (Granting the first additional ball after defeating 10 Team Rocket Grunts). Both of these can be upgraded more to get more balls and more chances to catch the Shadow Pokemon.


Shadow Pokemon are much weaker than normal Pokemon of their level. They will be marked by a purple flame in the lower left portion of their icon. Their Combat Power is suppressed and they will have the unique move: Frustration. All Shadow Pokemon have Red Eyes and a purple flame aura about them. However, they can be purified for a cost...


Purified Pokemon can be stronger than normal Pokemon of their level. These Pokemon are marked with a Blue sunburst in the lower left corner on the Pokemon Screen. They have a white light aura going around them as well. When purified, all their stats increase by 2. They gain the unique move: Return. Their cost of evolution and powering up is also reduced for both candies and stardust. This can make them very helpful to power up to do a lot more with less. This does make it easier to actually get some very good Pokemon, and does mean that the stats on first assessment are reduced.


The addition of GO Team Rocket adds something very welcome to Pokemon Go. We have another thing to do that can just be there. The added bonus of catching the Shadow Pokemon is very welcome as well. Having something to do at PokeStops in addition to simply getting items, gifts or putting a lure in is very welcome. This is something that we all can share and offers the players that they can do individually.

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