Pokemon Go - Celebi Research Task "A Ripple in Time"

A Ripple in Time is the new mythical research task set to the trainers in Pokemon Go. You will need to complete the 8 steps of the task to encounter the mythical Pokemon, Celebi. Completing this tasks ranges in difficulty from very easy to requiring a lot of luck. Still, the game has been known it make some things easier for trainers at times. Be ready to complete some interesting things as you work through this mythical quest.


It is very possibly to complete multiple steps in a single day for this quest. Each objective can be completed in any order. Do what works best for you. This data is imcomplete right now. It will be filled in more as more information is released.


Quest Step 1

Power Up a Pokemon 5 Times - 1000 XP

This just requires having the needed Stardust to complete this. With the recent community event (8/10/18-8/11/18), it is likely many trainers have something of an excess to use.

Battle a Gym 2 Times - 1000 XP

Find a local gym to your home, office, school that is under a different team's control. This usually means that you just only need to fight 2 Pokemon in that Gym.

Battle in a Raid - 1000 XP

This can take some luck, but all you need is 1 free daily Raid Pass. Battling in a Raid is merely participating in around against the Raid Pokemon to its completion. This does not require that you win the battle. There are some nice incentives to at least, but you just have to particpate in 1 complete raid battle.



*10x Pokeballs

*1 Fast TM

*1 Super Incubator


Quest Step 2

*Make 3 new friends - 1500 XP

This can be an easy step or it can be hard to complete. Find and enter 3 new Friend Codes onto your Friend List. Try to make it people with your Raid groups to ensure you get a little bonus from it. It can also be distant friends who enjoy playing the game.

*Evolve an Evolved Grass-Type Pokemon - 1500 XP

This requires that you evolve a Stage 2 Pokemon to a Stage 3

*Catch a Pokemon 3 days in a row - 1500 XP

Catch Pokemon 3 days in a row.



*1500 Stardust

*1 Sunstone

*1 Premium Raid Pass


Quest Step 3

*Use a Sun Stone to evolve Gloom or Sunkern - 2000 XP

You will need a few Sun Stones ultimately, but just 1 is needed for this quest step. Be sure you have the 100 candies for the Gloom, or the cheaper 50 Candies to evolve the Sunken.

*Hatch 9 Eggs

Time to get walking. Getting a number of 2km eggs will be a great boon here. Most are likely to have a massive stock of Alolan Eggs (7km). Adjust

*Reach Level 25

This will happen naturally over the course of play. If already over Level 25, this objective is automatically completed.


*Pokemon Appears - Eevee Encounter

*King's Rock

*Premium Raid Pass


Quest Step 4

*Evolve Eevee into Espeon during the day

Given the random nature of Eevee evolution, this can take a number of tries to pull off. You can ensure 1 Espeon evolution by nicknaming an Eevee, "Sakura."

*Walk 10 km with Eevee as your buddy to earn candy.

Just walk 10 kilometers with an Eevee as your buddy. This is a long walk (or bike ride), best spread over a few days.

*Earn a Gold Johto Medal.

This requires that 70 Pokemon from the Johto region are registered in your Pokedex. This is very likely something you will simply complete over time (or already have). It will automatically be completed.

*Send 20 Gifts





Quest Step 5

*Evolve Eevee into Umbreon at night.

Once again, this can take numerous attempts because of the random nature of Eevee evolution. You can ensure 1 Umbreon evolution using the nickname: Tamao.

*Trade a Pokemon


*15 Pinap Berries

*Star Piece



Quest Step 6

*Use items to evolve 2 Pokemon


*3500 Stardust


*Silver Pinap Berry


Quest Step 7

*Catch X Grass or Psychic-type Pokemon


*Evolve an Evolved Grass-type Pokemon







Quest Step 8

*Catch Celebi






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