Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018 – Spotlight on David Tennant and Krysten Ritter

Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018 – Spotlight on David Tennant and Krysten Ritter


There were a few massive panels this year at Silicon Valley Comic Con. This one with David Tennant and Krysten Ritter had the large presentation room filled to capacity, the overflow room overflowing and every monitor showing the panel swarmed. Easily to say, this was one of the most popular panels at the Convention. Even the press area up front was full as well. With the popularity of Tennant, the fame of their show together, “Jessica Jones” and their numerous upcoming projects, it was a hardly surprising result.


The very first question to Krysten Ritter from the moderator, Dana, was what she was knitting right now. Ritter said that she was working on 2 projects. In her purse, she had a sweater that she was working on. At home, she said she was working on a blanket. Tennant said that he did not have anything to knit, but could start any time. He did make the mistake of asking if either Dana or Krysten had any spare needles, which got a yes from both.


The first question to David Tennant was if he got his payment for voicing Scrooge McDuck in the form of money in kiddie pools. This leads to a discussion of the kind of currency, favoring gold doubloons. He did remark he did not get how McDuck could do that. He did remark, very jokingly, about getting very method with voicing the McDuck. He'd lose his pants and start acting very much like the aged fowl.


The next question was to Ritter about what she would do with Kilgrave's power. The three of them then talked about how quickly the power could corrupt someone. There was talk about the good the power could bring about initially, but it could also quickly get someone used to just demanding their way. There were statements made about removing some people from power who should not be there as well that got a lot of cheers from the crowd.


After that, they were asked about surprised that came from their roles. For Ritter, it was just the popularity of Jessica Jones. That people were very into the show and would come to see and talk with her. Tennant remarked on his upcoming show, “Good Omens,” that in episode 4, there would be him in tight pants dancing.


Next was their challenging scenes in shooting Jessica Jones. Just for a warning, this does contain spoilers for the series. For Ritter it was in Season 1, sitting on the fire escape. The scene itself was not that challenging to get through. However, it was very cold, she remarked about it being cold enough to seep into your bones. The shoot was had to be stopped because of health concerns because of the cold that night. For Tennant, it was the scene that Kilgrave was in the tank with water. He talked about the glass tank with water. Just the need to empty and refill it, plus just the concerns around that set up in general. In Season 2, it was dealing with the multiples of Kilgrave. During this time, Ritter accidentally did hit Tennant in the nose hard enough for him to start bleeding.


When it comes to characters they were like, Ritter remarked that she was like her character in apartment 20. Tennant did not really see himself in any of the characters he played. They had also been asked which of their characters that they most admired. For Ritter, it was Jessica Jones. Mostly for the strength that she developed over the seasons. For Tennant, it was Jimmy Murphy. He got to talk with Murphy's family and biggest advice he got was to, “Be humble.” It was a role that he was very honored to have taken on.


From there, it moved to the roles and genre that they wanted to play. Ritter, newer to this, did not have a ready answer, but David did. Tennant wanted to play. Tennant talked about wanting to get into musical theater. He remarked that he might not have all the skills, but he would find it very fun to do at the very least.


After that, they were both asked about their most unique fan experience. For Ritter, it has been that people will come up and ask her to punch them. This prompted the moderator to ask if she had a good lawyer. For Tennant, it was him taking a shower in the gym. Someone came up to him, in the shower to ask for an autograph. Tennant attempted to sign the quickly disintegrating piece of paper. He described it as carving into a pile of pulp.


The next question was about their guilty pleasures. While Tennant did not answer, Ritter did have one. She admitted that she had gotten into the Kardashians. She said it was them just living their lives that were engrossing. That and it was a big family. From there, it moved onto their heroes. For Ritter, it was Lydia Deetz, from Beetlejuice. Just for her unusual personality and her rejection of the normal. For Tennant, he said it was the Doctor.


The next question was for Tennant. Dana asked what it was like working for the company Legion to film a project. David remarked that it was like a massive fan project. He said it was akin to a large family working together toward a common goal. Just the energy and passion alone was amazing as well as their sense of unity. He said that them working on “The Librarians” was a good proof of what they could do. He was amazed by the concept of the project, remarking that it was very cleverly executed.


The follow-up question was for Tennant as well, asking him about the most interesting research detail he had found. David has become known for the research he will do into his characters. Tennant did offer Krysten the chance to answer. She did not have one but did offer us the detail the Tennant would normally run to set. David clarified that he would just be running from his trailer. He would not, as they joked, run 3 miles uphill to the set while Krysten drove there. He then got to the answer, of his role in “Einstein and Eddington” as Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington. He remarked that he actually understood the General theory of relativity for about a week during that filming.


Next was one of the expected questions to such well-standing performers, asking their advice for younger actors. Tennant offered the thought that it was very much a crap shoot to get into acting. Ritter built on that a bit. She said that she worked on her own independent projects in acting while searching for jobs. She did say that anyone in that field should be ready to hear, “No” a lot. She did also say that you should be ready to say “Yes” to any number of roles and opportunities over the years. Tennant did chime in a little there. He remarked that you should be on time and be courteous. Both of them agreed that acting is more like a marathon than a sprint. That everyone will be going through it at their own pace. There will be times that your friends and peers will surge ahead of you, but both cautioned that you should maintain your own pace.


The next questions were about the best conventions and the best airlines. Tennant remarked that he enjoyed conventions in general because of the enthusiasm the attendees have for them. He felt that fans of genres could too easily get a bad reputation. Ritter said that she was new to the convention scene and was still surprised to see people dressing as her character. She did remark on the joy she would feel on seeing people connect with her character. On the second part, of which was the best airline, they both agreed that it varied based on your destination. They did recommend a website that did reviews on airline travel between different destinations.


Then, they were asked about their most humiliating moments on set. Krysten talked about a scene in the Defenders. She said all she had to do was run for it. Somehow, she managed to trip and fall during this. David simply joked that he never messed up. Nope, never, not at all. It got a great laugh out of the audience.


The next question after was directed at David Tennant, asking him about his last scene with Billie Piper on “Doctor Who.” He remarked that at that time, he set about on an incredible journey. He felt that his life was no longer completely his own. Billie helped him learn about leading a more public life since she had been in the public eyes for years before that. She had begun as a pop star and helped guide him through the intricate parts of what this life was like. He remarked that she became a close friend and that on that day, it took them numerous takes to finish the scene.


The following question was for both of them, asking them what their favorite elements were of acting. For Krysten Ritter, it was the play and the pretending. Just the joy that she could feel the challenge of the role. For Tennant, it was the pretending as well.


A couple of questions later things got a bit more interesting. The moderator asked if Krysten Ritter had been writing anything. She admitted that she was not, but she had an idea. She said that it was something she was very excited about but was still very much working on it. Not something she could say too much about. Such is the very beginnings of writing something.


Then they were asked about what characters they played that were a stretch for them. Tennant could not think of any of them. Ritter remarked that she hoped that Kilgrave was one of those characters. This did get a good laugh.


The panel wrapped up with the final question of what they were working on next. Tennant said that he was working on the film about camping. Ritter remarked that she would be knitting. Beyond that, she could not say anything at present about her projects.


This was a very lively panel that was very enjoyable to watch and report on. Too much was said to have recorded all of it on paper and sharing it feels a bit flat. Both performers had a lot to say and joked around a lot with their answers, enjoying the time on the stage, chatting with the moderator and the audience members. It was a great way to finish reporting on the convention.

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