Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018 – Hour with Adam Savage

Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018 – Hour with Adam Savage


If there is something you can always enjoy, it is hearing Adam Savage talk about his projects. The former Mythbuster is always very active.


He opened with the most recent project with The Broken Nerd, Daryl. The two of them made 2 of the Knights of Ren from the present Star Wars trilogy. The helmets took around 80 hours to print, but it did a lot of the work. Adam focused on the “soft” parts of the costume (aka the robes). He did remark on the challenges of creating the robes themselves using the remaining fabric from his Kylo Ren. There were a lot of interesting challenges because of the patterning of the robes for one of the Knights of Ren. Adam did remark that this was Daryl's first Cosplay to build and wear.


Adam remarked after that, that he really likes Totoro Cosplays. The fact there were at least 2 at this convention must have made him very happy. He moved onto talking about the Mars conference that he attended. He had brought 4 Spacesuits, and a Pirate Suits. He got to thinking and talking about the Superhero outfits talking about those as the protective suits. He found them comforting to have around while talking and interviewing people. He did do a short tangent there, talking about how a cosplay does not fully exist until it has been worn in its proper environment.


After this, it quickly turned to question from the audience. This lead to the first question of what the end of the day after filming Mythbusters. Adam said that he focused simply on the drive home for things to talk about. His wife had gotten overwhelmed hearing about things that would be happening from the episodes themselves. He did lead into talking about the powers that people could get for having a hit show. While they had that power, they were very careful in its use. The one example that he gave was that there would always be home at a reasonable hour, like around 6 pm for dinner. He remarked that he always was.


The next question was about raising the next generation of nerds (and geeks). Adam remarked that it is important to raise digital natives. He remarked that the digital age had skewed things in a crazy and great way. He favors the Internet helping them to become better informed about things in the world. He very much wants people to have Internet access.


He then was asked about his role in the Expanse. Adam remarked that his character was already dead. He said that the Expanse is a great show in general and loves how it works. He remarked that it is something like Police Squad. They would have big celebrities in the show, but they would show up dead in the opening credits.


An impossible question came up after that for Adam. He was asked about his favorite myth. He remarked that it is impossible for him to choose a single thing. Mythbusters, to him, had long become a long series of memories about the cast and crew.


His next question was about advice for the new generation of makers. Adam remarked that they need to think about the impact within the world. He talks about their ability to converse about creations. He says that debate is more helpful than being a determinant.


The next question was about explosions. What was the biggest boom that Adam had seen. Adam remarked that it was the Cement Truck. He saw that from a bunker. He did remark that the cameraman accidentally turned off the camera. This forced those on screen to have to redo their reactions to the impact of the explosion itself. He did remark that they damaged 3 rental cars. He admitted to wanting being inside the repair show when those came in. Just to hear the reactions of them for the damage done to the cars.


Next was an expected question: if Adam would revive Mythbusters. Adam regarded Mythbusters as having run its arc. It had lasted 14 years and held at a highpoint for a long time. He did remark he is looking forward to seeing what the new hosts for Mythbusters will do and where they will take the show.


The next question was about his best time on set. Adam talked about an upcoming project working with both testing and Weta workshop. They worked together to make a film. He could not say too much about it, but he does look forward to its reveal. He did also remark on the sets of Ridley Scott. Just the sheer size of them. He mentioned that walking those sets would immerse anyone in that world. It would only be for Ridley Scott that a 150 foot corridor would be built in full. He talked about something in the works, which, as of writing, is revealed to be Mythbusters, Jr where he works as a mentor to children in the STEAM program.


After that was asking about his favorite filmed episodes. He remarked a lot on the high points of the series, telling the stories throughout the series. One case he did make was solving problems that no one had, namely the lead balloon. He explained it as working with something of the consistence of wet toilet paper when held improperly. He did also remark that it took them 2 years to find a vendor that could roll lead thin enough for them to use here.


The next question was about coping with judgment and criticism. Adam's immediate response was “people are jerks.” He explained that people need to find their group and from there, build a bulwark. It is very important to find people who support and love the crazy things that you do as well. Try not to respond in kind. He recommended that you should use the power of your standing to refute it.


From there, Adam was asked about the Bubblewrap episode. He explained that he was wrapped in a radius of 4 feet of bubblewrap. It was around this time, he remarked, that SF General is one of the best places to get stitched up with minimal marks. This is apparently because of the high number of stabbing that they get.


Next was building cosplays and solving the problems within it. Adam quickly remarked that it usually is the most recent one that he was working on. After that, he started talking about his work to build a diafiler. He explained that it was something that had to build from a kit. This kit contained 5 full pieces of cast iron. He took the time to make some reference marks on his cast iron pieces. He explained that it took 90 minutes to make his reference marks and he reveled in the process.


The next two final questions were about cosplay and products. The first question was about being sad about finished products. Adam did remark that it was every single one. He said that he had just turned in a number of projects across the last 6 months. From there he talked about his favorite tools for his cosplay building. He almost immediately remarked about his sewing machine. He has also remarked that he had taken to checking his luggage simply so he could bring his leatherman with him everywhere.


This was a great panel to attend and listen to. Adam Savage always has a lot to talk about plus his love of cosplay and hosting a cosplay repair area at the convention. His love and passion shows throughout the panel. He is a great presenter and there is always something new to learn about.

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