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pokemon black and white shiny odds?

+9 votes
asked 12 years ago in GeneralGeneral by anonymous  

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3 Answers

0 votes
Almost 1 in 6000000 chance. Or rather more precise mathematics, 1 in 8,192.
answered 12 years ago by NachoPiggy Adept (938 points)   1 1 15
Aren't the odd different in B/W? I thought I read somewhere that the odds were now higher to find a shiny?
0 votes
1 to 100000000 chance.
answered 12 years ago by Jaws444 Hero (3,876 points)   1 4 39
0 votes
1 in 8182 odds of encountering a shiny pokemon. However, if you choose to breed using a pokemon from a different nationality version of your game (e.g. crossing a pokemon from a Japanese game with a pokemon from your Australian game) then the chances of getting a shiny will be 1 in 1365.3. aka the Masuda method.  The GTS is a nice place to look for a foreign region pokemon!
answered 12 years ago by Ether Journeyman (633 points)   12
i heard that the odds are better to get a shiny on black/white

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