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How long is portal 2 after completing the 22 chambers?

+12 votes
asked 12 years ago in GeneralGeneral by anonymous  

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7 Answers

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Best answer
Well. I dont want to spoil the game for you, but there is quite a bit more gametime left after the 22 chambers, the entire game takes about 6-9 hours, depending on your speed in solving the puzzles. so you probably have about. 3-4 hours left of gameplay depending on how fast you are solving the puzzles.
answered 12 years ago by HossDelgado Journeyman (651 points)   5
–2 votes
There are a few levels for co-op which are harder than the story mode ones....

But after beating these few, there seems very few incentive to go back unless you want to help a friend out
answered 12 years ago by xboxer King (32,462 points)   6 11 48
0 votes
with a semi-competent partner you can finish the co-op in around eight hours.
answered 12 years ago by jaykay Master (8,580 points)   5 7 51
–2 votes
In single player after the 22 chambers it is around chapter 4 out of 9 chapters so about half way but the difficulty gets harder
answered 12 years ago by Death31133 Mercenary (1,058 points)   1 1 19
–1 vote
It varies to how well you and a partner perform in coop. Probably around 7-8 hours.
answered 12 years ago by CBas Paragon (4,898 points)   3 8 41
0 votes
The first 22 chambers are like 40% of the singleplayer camaign, there are more chambers on the way, also some behind the chambers action, so its quite long, i finished it all in abot 6 hours, but i play fast, the lenght of the story depends on the way how the player plays it.
answered 12 years ago by Ins1d3r Mercenary (1,224 points)   17
–1 vote





After you completed the 22 test chambers you will get to the last level where Wheatly becomes the new Glados and a new story follows where some new test chambers are being introduced aswell.

answered 12 years ago by Jaws444 Hero (3,876 points)   1 4 39
edited 12 years ago by chronodev
Wow. Spoiler alert. Shame on you. You killed Easter.

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