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how do you connect to a new server in minecraft

+9 votes
asked 12 years ago in GeneralGeneral by anonymous  

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6 Answers

+1 vote
Best answer
Go into Multiplayer and type the IP of the server you are trying to connect to. The Minecraft forum has a list of servers you can connect to play SMP and other gamemodes.
answered 12 years ago by Attaint Journeyman (689 points)   13
0 votes
Unfortunately I think there system could do with an update, at current you need to know the ip address of the server and then you connect through that by going to the main menu and clicking multiplayer.
answered 12 years ago by Fielon Mercenary (1,645 points)   1 4 27
0 votes

If you're on the launcher then yeah you need to know the ip of the server you're looking for. However, if you're on creative on the website then it gives you a list of servers you can join :)

answered 12 years ago by adamski11 Adept (789 points)   6 22
0 votes
you have to have an IP and put it in to the box if you dont have an IP go here
answered 12 years ago by jack Journeyman (607 points)   5
0 votes
When you log in to the game use the multiplayer button and enter the server's ip or adress, both ways work, you can also copy paste the adress. Then press Connect.
answered 12 years ago by Ins1d3r Mercenary (1,224 points)   17
0 votes
Because the minecraft mutiplayer isn't fully fleshed out yet, there only way is to do what other people have hinted at, and connect directly to an IP. There are other modes such as classic minecraft ( free version ) in which you can go onto and look for a server there to play on. However, the free version isn't as in depth as the beta version, so you'd be playing with a handicap.

The only way to play the bought version is through direct connect, for now.
answered 12 years ago by Biowulf Journeyman (636 points)   1

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