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How do I take down Teddie's Shadow in Persona 4?

+1 vote
asked 11 years ago in WalkthroughsWalkthroughs by anonymous  

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1 Answer

0 votes

The battle with Teddie's Shadow is rather long than it's hard. I recommend to have a heavy hitter (Kanji's the strongest at that part I think), have a strong healer (like Yukiko, or the MC), and when he does "Ultra Charge", always keep your guard on, until he uses "Nihil Hand". After he did, you can attack again.

There's no real tactic here like in other MegaTen games, the battle just takes long because he has no weaknesses, and has way too much HP. So, final advice: keep on trying until he falls.

Good luck and hope I helped.
answered 11 years ago by anonymous  

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