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how do I get rare candys

+7 votes
asked 12 years ago in GeneralGeneral by anonymous  

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3 Answers

0 votes
Random Drops and you can buy some in the big citys but expensive
answered 12 years ago by Krockett Journeyman (671 points)   1 7
0 votes
You can find them in random spots throughout the game or buy them from stores but they cost a LOT of money, it's just easier to level up the pokemon normally really.
answered 12 years ago by Isaac B Journeyman (726 points)  
0 votes

In case you haven't read the other answer, here it is:

Here is a list of all the rare candy locations in black / white: 


  • route 2- HM strength
  • route 3- dowsing machine and HM surf needed.
  • route 13- Gift
  • route 16- HM cut and strength
  • Pinwheel forest- dowsing machine
  • Lostorn Forest- HM surf and waterfall
  • Desert Resort- dowsing machine
  • Nimbasa City- Gift
  • Mistralton Cave- HM strength, TM Flash recommended
  • Chargestone Cave
  • Twist Mountain- dowsing machine
  • Icirrus City- Winter Only
  • Anville Town- Gift
  • Victory Road
  • Abundant Shrine- HM surf
  • N's Castle- In one of the rooms
  • Gear Station- 48 BP each



copied off of mrtowel, thanks!

answered 12 years ago by l4d2bob Grandmaster (11,115 points)   5 10 48

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