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No Disassemble Rift Bring the Construct Parts to Christa Malice in Illumination Point?

0 votes
asked 12 years ago in Quests/MissionsQuests/Missions by anonymous  

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1 Answer

0 votes
Find the cart of construct parts at 3745, 2080.
They're in Mage's Mark, West a little, down a small ravine so you can't see them from the mage Zathax Firebrand's hut, but they're seconds away..

This quest has you defeat the constructs in Mage's Mark, so then run East up the end of the ravine to kill 8 constructs around the hut.

The 'Construct Parts' collected are for Christa Malice in Illumination Point.

Tips: While you're there, if you didn't already kill Zathax, do that as he's his own Carnage quest, and head down the path running East and North around the hut to to cave to kill the Ekdim the Mad in there for good measure.

happy Rifting!

answered 8 years ago by anonymous  

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