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how to play portal 2 before release on steam?

+7 votes
asked 12 years ago in PuzzlePuzzle by anonymous  

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8 Answers

+1 vote
Best answer

there is no way to play it until it's unlocked on steam. you can help release it early by playing games in the potato pack though. see which games still need players here -

answered 12 years ago by jaykay Master (8,580 points)   5 7 51
–1 vote
No way you can.

That is the whole idea of preloading. It saves you the trouble of downloading with everyone else once the game is released because the servers will defintely be jammed and slows your download.

And attempting to play before launch violates Steam TOS and perhaps even regarded as piracy/
answered 12 years ago by xboxer King (32,462 points)   6 11 48
+1 vote

It is IMPOSSIBLE to play it before release on steam.


Valve is very clever as they use their own encryption keys to proteect games before launch..


However, you can go to and try to unlock the game early.

answered 12 years ago by godlike_gamer Adept (897 points)   2 14
+1 vote
There is no way to play Portal 2 earlier than other people, unless you are a reviewer and valve is specifically allowing you to play it a little ahead of other people.
answered 12 years ago by Pattycack3e Journeyman (683 points)   1 7
+1 vote
Trying to be the next  Axel Gembe, are we? You can't play it before it's being released. I don't know what you were thinking when you asked this question. Either you have to be a game journalist or should be working in a gaming industry or a pirate.
answered 12 years ago by gamerx1990 Mercenary (1,491 points)   2 18
+1 vote
ON steam there no way

but if you work at a game rental store you can play them for ps3 and 360 before they are release
answered 12 years ago by Lunamaria Adept (895 points)   1 17
edited 12 years ago by Lunamaria
+1 vote
There was no way but now you can.
answered 12 years ago by l4d2bob Grandmaster (11,115 points)   5 10 48
+1 vote
You can't, the unlock codes do not drop until after release.
answered 12 years ago by elcidcampeon Adept (934 points)   15

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