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what are the best weapons to kill a dragon with on skyrim?

0 votes
What weapons/magic should I use for killing a dragon in skyrim?
asked 9 years ago in Tips/HintsTips/Hints by anonymous  

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1 Answer

0 votes
That question is best answered by asking what your playstyle is, as in, do you use magic, a bow, or melee weapons.

There is no single weapon that is best. A dragonbone battle axe, for example, can't very well hit a dragon in the air, but once the dragon is on the ground, it can deal devastating damage. Using Dragonrend can prove to be quite handy in that situation.

I personally use magic, and one of the best dragonkillers is any lightening spells, as they nearly instantly hit their target, but have limited range and can prove to drain your magica reserves faster than with fire spells. Lightening Storm is the master lightening spell, and it works wonders on tough dragons.

Bows are excellent weapons vs dragons, but if your not good at hitting fast moving targets, stay with magic or melee, because you don't have the fire rate of a wizard with a bow.
answered 9 years ago by anonymous  

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