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Action Replay Tricks... (SoulSilver)

0 votes

I recently got an Action Replay, and i discovered its not yet compatible with Pokemon black (White) 2.


Well, luckily, i had Pokemon SoulSilver! So, i used it... and, i found 3 incredibly cool cheats!

1) 900x all Pokeballs.

Yes, ALL pokeballs. Including MASTER BALLS! Every type of pokeball, 900 copies of it! and, you can refresh it as well so you will always have that many. (Practically Infinite!)

2) 900x all Items.

Yep! All items! Includeing the fossels! so, technically, thats giving you over 900 pokemon, once you revive them back into pokemon... :)

3) Can Catch Trainer Pokemon.

Ok, now this one is like a superpower! You can catch a pokemon from another trainer! (Action Replay must be Plugged into Ds, DSI, 3DS w/ game plugged into that for this one to work, but its soooo worth it!) You know those pokemon that a trainer has that you cant catch anywhere else? With the 900x pokeballs cheat and this one, you can grab those pokemon!

AWESOME Details:

using cheat 3:

Ok, so say that you pick chikorita as your partner. your rival picks Quilava. Evrytime you battle him, catch another Quilava or its evolution!

WARNING: You may only catch 1 pokemon from every trainer every time you challenge them or vice versa. Not counting wireless battles, which would be where codes dont work.

This also works for catching pokemon you always wanted or you just SEE another trainer in the game using but its not available in your Version of the game, and would regularly have to use HeartGold Version.

Use these 3 Codes (Or cheats, whichever yo prefer to call it,) and you will be a master pokemon trainer! Cheat 3, however, makes you NO BETTER than Team Rocket. But, as most players agree, we all just beat those dudes to advance in the story and level up our prized Pokemon.


So, heres a Question, out of all my posts so far, arent they kinda long?



asked 10 years ago in FAQsFAQs by PokeGuide Mercenary (1,010 points)   1 2 18

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1 Answer

0 votes
ok i didnt mean vice versa as in they can catch ur pkmn~!
answered 10 years ago by PokeGuide Mercenary (1,010 points)   1 2 18

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