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can someone explain to me easy step by step what i am supposed to do as a spy?

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asked 11 years ago in GeneralGeneral by anonymous  

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1 Answer

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Practice on 2fort, it's ripe for playing spy. A good starting strategy is to go to the ramparts/battlements (up top) and sit right out of view of the players below. Select a disguise and right click to go invisible. Fall off the battlements and cross into enemy territory. Beware, if you  touch an enemy while invisible you will become briefly visible. You also can't walk through enemies like you can through teammates so avoid bumping into enemies even when visible. When an enemy passes you, check to make sure no one sees you and drop your cloak (you can't attack while cloaked). Make sure to maintain your distance when you drop your cloak because it's noisy. Pull out your knife and chase the enemy but do not attack as it will drop your disguise. A knife to the back will instantly kill an enemy while a knife to the front is useless so go for the "backstab." Just rinse and repeat until you find youself getting better, the best general advice I can give you is be patient. If you want to learn spy just friend me (superman2864, Scarfacecapwn, on steam and contact me. The spy is a very intricate class and I know it well so I'd be glad to help.


Tips on disguises: Never diguise as the scout. When you are disguised your movement speed automatically adjusts to that of the selected class except for the scout. You will continue to move at your same speed (slower than the scout) yet you will appear to continue to pump your legs which makes your disguise awkward and immediately recognizable.
answered 11 years ago by Matthew Gleason Journeyman (625 points)  

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