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how do I pre-load portal 2 on my steam?

+7 votes
i heard you can preload portal 2 to your steam account how do you do that?
asked 12 years ago in GeneralGeneral by anonymous  

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6 Answers

+2 votes
Best answer
go to your steam account

buy portal 2 (skip if you already bought it)

go to your  game library

choose portal 2

click on "Pre Load"
answered 12 years ago by anonymous  
edited 12 years ago by anonymous
+1 vote
You can't yet.
answered 12 years ago by anonymous  
+1 vote
Just click in your game library on Portal 2 (if you bought it) 'Pre Load'
answered 12 years ago by andrew.nobody1234 Mercenary (1,103 points)   4 19
+1 vote
Sign into steam and buy Portal 2. As soon as the transaction has gone through you'll be able to download it.

The process is exactly the same as buying any other Steam game, except that you have to wait to play it.
answered 12 years ago by nabramson Mercenary (1,899 points)   2 6 32
+1 vote
Buy it; right click, then preload.
answered 12 years ago by elcidcampeon Adept (934 points)   15
+1 vote
If you bought Portal 2 (Pre-Load) it is already available in your Steam Library.

It only has to be unlocked by Steam on the release date.

America: April 19th, 2011

Europe: April 21st, 2011

Australia: April 22nd, 2011
answered 12 years ago by Jaws444 Hero (3,876 points)   1 4 39

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