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looking for nintendogs and cats 3ds cheats

+6 votes
asked 12 years ago in CheatsCheats by anonymous  

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1 Answer

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Here are some tips for picking up some extra cash:

Traffic Cones!: If you weave your dog through the traffic cones without touching or bumping them, you get a present at the end.

Piggy Banks: DON'T SELL THEM! Smash them on your house's floor, you can get several different monetary amounts of cash. I've gotten up to $30, but I'm positive that it can go much higher.

Pedometer: You can go for a walk (I do step aerobics) with your DS in your pocket while your game is on the walk mode with the pedometer. (if you can't walk or are feeling lazy, just shake your DS) and you will get a rare treat for every 100 steps you take. They add up quick and you can sell them as a last resort.

Also, DO NOT BUY A CAT-until you have a second dog! Cats get you zero money and when you have to dogs to start off with, competition money practically pours in. You can keep up to 6 animals, so don't rush off and immediately buy a cat, as cute as they are. If you are at the beginner level in competitions and have two dogs, you can get up to $1200 a day in money.

When competing, make sure your dog is full, quenched, and clean then save. Go to your competition-if you fail to get first place, turn off the game and try again until you get the score you want. NOTE: The Amateur Cup in Lure Racing is a $200 prize-double that of the beginning cup!

One last thing, if you are recycling items, test out if your dog actually LIKES to play with them. If he doesn't, sell that thing back to Mr. R-the fish bowl can get you $20.

Hope this helps!
answered 12 years ago by xboxer King (32,462 points)   6 11 48

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