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Should I buy portal 2 for the PC or for the Xbox 360?

+15 votes
asked 13 years ago in GeneralGeneral by anonymous  

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44 Answers

+6 votes
Best answer
You should get Portal 2 for the pc , because you will get extra things and a editor for portal which will be released after portal 2 :D. Also the addition for co-op on pc is great since you can start it with every single friend in your friends list if they have portal 2.


I would only advice you Portal 2 on xbox360 if you dont like steam on pc , and want to play with local friends @ home.
answered 13 years ago by RageQuit Soldier (2,345 points)   1 4 17
+5 votes
360 cause then you get to play with ur friends in co-op mode.

(You can't share a computer)

Plus the multiplayer campaign will be different from the single player campaign.
answered 13 years ago by anonymous  
Both the 360 and the PC version will have the singleplayer and multiplayer campaigns. While the PC doesn't have splitscreen co-op, there's nothing stopping you from playing online with people on your Steam friends list.
+8 votes
Id say it depends on your experience. Some lvls require fast camera rotation wich is easier on the PC if you ask me. However if your experienced enough I'd buy it for 360 since its easier to play with friends.
answered 13 years ago by Josri Journeyman (640 points)   1 8
+3 votes
i would say pc cuz you get more support/updates from steam, and valve has matchmaking servers so you can play with friends of strangers.
answered 13 years ago by drakaenae King (41,339 points)   5 9 79
+3 votes
I would definitely get it on pc. I can totally see valve adding in extra content for this game which is always free on steam, while xbox live would charge for it. you also get the ability to make your own levels and play other peoples custom maps.
answered 13 years ago by jaykay Master (8,580 points)   5 7 51
–4 votes

Valve games are more popular on PC than on console. So you can find lots of people to play with.

L4D is a good example.
answered 13 years ago by xboxer King (32,462 points)   6 11 48
+5 votes
probably PC, because the graphics will be the best, and Steam is already established on the PC, unlike 360/PS3.
answered 13 years ago by Babelfish112 Mercenary (1,000 points)   1 5 22
+5 votes
I for one vote for the 360 version cuz of the achievements and ease of play.

PS3 I heard will have cross platform play though ^^

PC if you have a good PC.
answered 13 years ago by Shin GenX Mercenary (1,996 points)  
All 4 versions (PC, Mac, 360, PS3) of the game will have their own type of achievements.

PC/Mac: Steam achievements
PS3: Steam Achievements/PSN Trophies
360: XBL Achievements

Ease of play is very subjective so it's up to the user on whether or not they prefer the KB&M or a controller. If you have a PS3, go with that version. You get a version for the PC also, so why not?

You don't need that great of a computer to run Portal 2. Source engine is scalable so it's friendly to older computers.
–2 votes
PC. Because of KB and mouse. And awesome online play.

And you get a free Portal if you buy now.
answered 13 years ago by xboxer King (32,462 points)   6 11 48
+5 votes
Better buy version for PS3 , you will get free copy for PC :)
answered 13 years ago by andrew.nobody1234 Mercenary (1,103 points)   4 19
+5 votes
Huh , IMHO you should buy Portal 2 for PS3 , you will get free copy of it on PC. But if you have Xbox , it depends on that if you like more playing on PC or on Xbox.
answered 13 years ago by getitlowlow Journeyman (695 points)   1 11
+5 votes
Yeah its better to get it for PC this will allow you for crossplatform gameplay(with PS3)....which mean for players
answered 13 years ago by ygurin Rookie (216 points)   2 5
+5 votes
IF you have a ps3 buy that because if you do you get both the ps3 a pc copies if not then buy it where your friends are buying it...this one has COOP
answered 13 years ago by Krockett Journeyman (671 points)   1 7
+5 votes
I would only get it for the xbox 360 if you want to play co-op with a friend or if you don't like playing games on the computer. The PC is perferred by most and comes with a free copy of portal 1 if you buy through steam.
answered 13 years ago by darconious Journeyman (634 points)   1 13
+5 votes
PC all the way, you get better support, a ton of extra features (editor, etc), mods (there will be plenty of 'em this time around, believe me), and of course you can experience it's awesome graphics to the max (if you have a decent pc, that is)
answered 13 years ago by markitou Journeyman (714 points)   1 16
+3 votes
If you have a capable PC, definitely the PC version.
answered 13 years ago by TxdoHawk Mercenary (1,466 points)   1 1 17
–4 votes
Also, PC version is cheaper if I am not wrong.
answered 13 years ago by xboxer King (32,462 points)   6 11 48
+5 votes
Only buy it on Xbox if your PC can't handle it.
answered 13 years ago by Ben Olson Newbie (130 points)  
+4 votes
If you have a PS3 you should buy it for the PS3, you will also be able to unlock a PC copy with your PS3 purchase.
answered 13 years ago by ... Initiate (334 points)   2
–6 votes
mouse and keyboard is the optimal input for a game like this.
answered 13 years ago by jaykay Master (8,580 points)   5 7 51
+5 votes
Get it for PS3 and get a free PC version.
answered 13 years ago by qazqazqaz Adept (782 points)   4 13
+4 votes
This depends on whether or not you have a controller for your pc. I personally would go for Xbox because playing portal 1 with a mouse killed me and I ended up buying a second copy of portal 1 because I couldn't do any challenge maps except the first few with a mouse and keyboard. I would say Xbox 360 definetely.
answered 13 years ago by bain9321 Mercenary (1,466 points)   1 2 14
+4 votes
Definitely the PC. Mouse control beats controller every time i nan FPS, plus when mods are released you'll be able to get them. Also, updates are free.
answered 13 years ago by Onematty Journeyman (741 points)   11
+4 votes
there is a great video showing gameplay and reviews on Youtube for both Xbox and PC,,, you should check it out, maybe it can help you decide...
answered 13 years ago by irdarob Rookie (235 points)   6
+4 votes
Long story short, buy xbox if you want the best co op experience if you don't gave many pc gaming friends. Pc if you like the idea of mods and the multiplayer will be exactly the same minus split screen support. (personally I think you need a full screen for portal anyway.
answered 13 years ago by Fielon Mercenary (1,645 points)   1 4 27
+3 votes
IfI were you I would buy PC version. Because games like this should be with you everytime. I cannot take my Xbox everywhere, but I can do that with my laptop. And Steam became pretty good, so I don't see any reasons to hate PC version because of STEAM
answered 13 years ago by Filoleg Adept (873 points)   18
+4 votes
Depends if you have a good PC for it. I don't, so I vote 360.
answered 13 years ago by Angel037 Adept (756 points)   13
+3 votes
It all depends on you. If a majority of your friends are getting it for the PC/Xbox 360 and you want to play it with them, then get it on the one they choose. If you're just going to be playing by yourself, I would go with the Xbox 360 since you wont have to worry about upgrading your PC to run the game on the best settings.
answered 13 years ago by d03458988 Mercenary (1,029 points)   1 1 17
+3 votes
Between PC and the 360, i'd choose the PC. Considering it might take time to download via steam and load it up, it's worth the pain. Portal 2 graphics is kinda downsized in 360. Textures look very bad. It's like playing in 800x600 on a 42" TV. i played it, believe me. Get the PC version. If it was between PS3 and PC, i would recommend you to get the former, since it comes with an additional steam code.
answered 13 years ago by gamerx1990 Mercenary (1,491 points)   2 18
+3 votes
I highly reccomend PC, it is easyer to connect with friends for co op, and it is easyer to play (in my opinion)
answered 13 years ago by Cloudzers Adept (867 points)   2 4 12
+1 vote
When buying Portal 2 for the PC you will receive extra stuff like an editor and some extra DLC packs for the game. All the things that are included in the PC version are PC Exclusives.
answered 13 years ago by Jaws444 Hero (3,876 points)   1 4 39
0 votes
Get it on PC, PC always kills Xbox
answered 13 years ago by l4d2bob Grandmaster (11,115 points)   5 10 48
+3 votes
It really depends on you if the controls on the pc makes it easier for you to play then go for the pc if its the xbox 360 then go for the 360, but for me i would recommend pc because of its different updates that sometimes would be DLC for the 360.
answered 13 years ago by terran57 Journeyman (673 points)   1 2 13
+1 vote
If your PC can run Portal 2, then I would definitely say to get Portal 2 for the PC. If you get Portal 2 for the PC, you get any mods that might come out in the future, you get more accurate aiming controls, you get the abilitty to run custom commands on the console, and you get any custom maps that might come out for free. It's an all around better package.
answered 13 years ago by BobDorian Hero (3,769 points)   2 7 34
+2 votes
9/10 times I would say xbox, but valve games are almost always better for PC - don't get me wrong, both versions of the game will be great, it's just the PC version will be supported a lot more with free(hopefully) updates.
answered 13 years ago by shoricsmat Grandmaster (12,671 points)   6 11 46
+2 votes
PC if you have a good laptop Xbox if not because while PC can get you extras and a cheaper price its not good if you keep glitching
answered 13 years ago by djs Soldier (2,570 points)   3 10 39
+2 votes
if you buy it forPC, you can play cross-platform, so you dont have to wait somebody to play xboy, there will be Mac and PS users too :) in XBox you cant...
answered 13 years ago by ketjatekos Journeyman (639 points)   7
+1 vote
I'd buy it for the PC because PC has better sensitivity with the mouse and such rather than having to preform those fast actions with a anolog stick.
answered 13 years ago by Thezeldaman Journeyman (532 points)   3 7
+1 vote
U should buy 360 version because of achievements.
answered 13 years ago by Haloweeboe Champion (5,146 points)   2 8 19
+1 vote
You should buy it for pc because its more easier to handle and you can get custom maps for it.
answered 13 years ago by GmodderDude Mercenary (1,731 points)   1 7
+1 vote
The PC offers more control to gameplay and allows for user content creation whereas  the 360 doesn't.
answered 13 years ago by pcberdwin Initiate (452 points)   1
+1 vote
The PC version is the one that is the best so far. From what I've seen from the Orange Box, I'm sure that the Xbox 360 version won't get constant updates unless they are willing to change that.
answered 13 years ago by Alchemistlord Mercenary (1,154 points)   3 15
+1 vote
PC its just easier if your like me you have it on the go (on a long plane trip, boring home, when your parents think your doing homework... etc)
answered 13 years ago by NerdyNerdIsNerd Journeyman (725 points)   2
0 votes
In my opinion, the PC has better controls. And you have cheats for fun, and if you get stuck. You also have free online play if you have internetz. Not to mention possible updates, and a possible editor.

With the X-Box, you have to pay for online, the cheats are harder to use, updates might not be as often, and the controls (in my opinion) are less easy to use.

I'd say PC!
answered 13 years ago by Majigama Journeyman (663 points)   5

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