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What is the best way to survive the MAC Cannon in Halo Reach?

+6 votes
asked 10 years ago in GeneralGeneral by anonymous  

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4 Answers

0 votes
Best answer
shoot everything that appears on the sreen ecept the huge covenant carrier until you need. to or play co-op campaign.
answered 10 years ago by jako1001 Soldier (2,144 points)   1 2 8
0 votes
Shoot the banshees and dropships as soon as they appear on screen. The banshees should be targetted first. It might take a couple of rounds to get it down, but it's not terribly difficult once you get it.
answered 10 years ago by louiedog Mercenary (1,020 points)   15
0 votes
First of all, make sure you have full health before you start the MAC Cannon part of the level (there are a few health packs in the building below where you were fighting the elites).

When the enemy banshees and phantoms appear, ALWAYS target the banshees first, as there are more of them, and they move around faster. As long as you are accurate, one round from the MAC cannon takes out a phantom or banshee in one shot.

Make sure to watch out for phantoms entering your view from the top of your screen; sometimes they appear suddenly and don't give you a chance to shoot them down.

One last tip, you can shoot at the convenant banshees and phantoms as soon as they appear on the horizon, so don't waste any time; if you can see it with the MAC, you can kill it.

Then just repeat these steps until the covenant super-carrier becomes vulnerable, then shoot it down.

This took me a while on legendary, so do it on a low difficulty until you get good at it, then move up to legendary.
answered 10 years ago by alex_158 Rookie (289 points)   7
0 votes
Well I thought I'd be clever and do this game on legendary first time, not the smartest moves, but I managed to do this (with great difficulty). First, you'll probably have played through it a few times, so you'll know the direction the come from like the back of your hand, second, go for the banshees first, but use your judgement, if you've got a dropship going right next to you and a banshee a few miles away, don't go for the banshee, third, just try, try and try again, you may not get it first time, but you'll get there eventually.
answered 10 years ago by Fielon Mercenary (1,645 points)   1 4 27

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