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Can you beat a cougar with just a knife in Red Dead Redemption?

+5 votes
asked 12 years ago in GeneralGeneral by anonymous  

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9 Answers

0 votes
You can kill just about anything with any weapon ^^
answered 12 years ago by Shin GenX Mercenary (1,996 points)  
0 votes
yes but you need to weaken it with a gun then go and knife it i tride just knifeing  but i died
answered 12 years ago by hellian Journeyman (702 points)   1 11
0 votes
Extremely difficult, but possible.
answered 12 years ago by TxdoHawk Mercenary (1,466 points)   1 1 17
0 votes
Here's how you kill a cougar with a knife.
answered 12 years ago by xboxer King (32,462 points)   6 11 48
–1 vote
You can. As long as you are careful. Very careful.
answered 12 years ago by ... Initiate (334 points)   2
–1 vote
Yes, it is very possible. However, it definitely won't be easy. Talk about rewarding, though!
answered 12 years ago by mrtowel Prince (27,434 points)   8 18 41
0 votes
Cougars are really terrifying in Red Dead Redemption!


Ok... so it sounds bad but I would bait cougars with my horse and while it tried to kill my horse I would go around and kill it wit hthe knife.
answered 12 years ago by banespoth Adept (888 points)   2 4 16
0 votes
yes to make it easyer you could take out your cattlmans revolver and use dead eye to soot it in the leag about 2 or 3 times this will weaken it
answered 11 years ago by emoking Rookie (288 points)   3
0 votes
Yes I killed cougars and the legendary Khan the Jaguar with only my knife. I actually killed all the legendaries with only my knife, the bears were surprisingly easy.
answered 11 years ago by anonymous  

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