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how long before doll turns into imaginary friend in the sims 3 generations?

+1 vote
asked 13 years ago in FAQsFAQs by anonymous  

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1 Answer

0 votes
When your sim brings home an infant, you should see a dialogue box that says something about an "uncle" sending a doll as a gift and it will be in the baby's inventory. When your baby grows up into a toddler he/she will play with the doll and when they grow up into a child the doll will become his/her imaginary friend, but it will still look like a doll. In order to make it real you have to make the potion with a chemistry set and put it in the child's inventory. I did not buy my toddler any toys so he had no choice but to play with the doll in his inventory and I believe the more they play with it the faster you can make it real.
answered 13 years ago by anonymous  
my kid is still playing with it its not turning into an imaginary friend.

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