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How do I play a Valve game (on computer) without steam?

+5 votes
asked 11 years ago in GeneralGeneral by Thezeldaman Journeyman (532 points)   3 7

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7 Answers

0 votes
Best answer
You can't but you can download the game you want to play without steam from torrent sites and yeah its illegal... I hope this helped
answered 11 years ago by GmodderDude Mercenary (1,731 points)   1 7
0 votes
you can't unless if you use illegal methods whic his not recommended
answered 11 years ago by drakaenae King (41,339 points)   5 9 79
+1 vote
I think u cant play valve games without steam. You can alway try to install game and uninstall steam, but i dont think it will work.
answered 11 years ago by Haloweeboe Champion (5,146 points)   2 8 19
That won't work, every game that you have on steam is connected to it. There is no exe for the games you have on your account.
0 votes
You can't. You need to have Steam installed on your computer to play. You can play in offline mode on Steam though.
answered 11 years ago by Alchemistlord Mercenary (1,154 points)   3 15
0 votes
That is not impossible unless you pirate it.
answered 11 years ago by xboxer King (32,462 points)   6 11 48
0 votes
You cannot run a valve game without the use of Steam. Unless you pirated the game, then you can....criminal....hahaha.
answered 11 years ago by HossDelgado Journeyman (651 points)   5
0 votes
actually ive run several valve games without steam but they are really old games. the original counterstrike like the 1.1 version you can and i do believe HL2 was like that too i have the actual exe file along with counterstrike deleted scenes.
answered 11 years ago by anonymous  
Counterstrike 1.1 was a mod, however, and HL2 was not like that. Half-Life 2 launched with Steam.

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