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modern warfare 3 why is it saying disturbing content notice?

+1 vote
Some players may find some game content in one of the missions disturbing or offensive

would you like to have the option to skip this content

you will not be penalized in terms of game completion

then it gives me two options:

yes ask me later

no i will not be offended

which option is better?
asked 12 years ago in GeneralGeneral by anonymous  

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2 Answers

+1 vote
Best answer
I'm doing the mission now. what i'm guessing the disturbing content is, is a london underground train being overrun by terrorists. it then runs through an underground train station with lots of people screaming on the platform.

okay my mistake:

there's a little optional thing at the end of the mission, where you're filming your wife and little girl by Big Ben. A truck pulls up the side of the road, then explodes, killing your wife and your daughter. Not particularly graphic, but pointless to include in my opinion!
answered 12 years ago by anonymous  
edited 12 years ago by anonymous
0 votes
it means some scenes in the game have violent/graphic etc content

if you are faint of heart you might want to skip them

what dont you understand?
answered 12 years ago by Jeremy Prince (26,324 points)   2 8 17

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