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Questions answered by irdarob

best answers
4 votes
answered 9 years ago
there is a great video showing gameplay and reviews on Youtube for both Xbox and PC,,, you should ch...
3 votes
answered 9 years ago
Most popular? Id say Pong... Mario, or maybe pac-man.... but in my world,,, its HALO!
-2 votes
answered 9 years ago
Get an XBOX,,,,, when you arent playing with your Kinect.... other people would like to get better u...
2 votes
answered 9 years ago
I assume you mean DMR... Yes, and much more precise now than ever before... Gotta love the DMR
3 votes
answered 9 years ago
HALO is and always will be the best..... Who gives a f&ck if its not "realistic".... its A VIDEO GA...