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Microsoft's Head of PC Development Abandons Ship After Just 6 Months

Microsoft's Jason Holtman has left the company after a short stint as head of PC games development.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PS4 Open Beta Details Announced

FF XIV is coming to PS4 in the form of an open beta. We've got all the details inside.

Get PS Plus For Free Through 2033 With Loophole

A simple loophole in a new PlayStation Plus promotion has allowed one new user to extend his membership through 2033.

EA Refuses To Acknowledge Problems With Battlefield 4 Launch

An EA rep has called the launch "exceedingly successful" despite most players not even being able to touch the game for the following week.

Guess How Many Bananas Are In This Block Of Ice, Win A Wii U

Nintendo wants you to play a guessing game with some pretty neat prizes.

Naughty Dog Brainstorming The Last of Us 2, New IP

Naughty Dog is brainstorming for a potential The Last of Us sequel.

Batman: Arkham Origins Devs Have No Intention To Fix Bugs - Working On DLC Instead

Potentially game-breaking bugs will remain in Arkham Origins in favor of pushing forward with DLC. 

Next CoD Will Be "Next-Gen First"

This year's Call of Duty will be developed specifically for next-gen consoles.

8 Exclusive ESO Screenshots

We've got 15 exclusive screenshots of The Elder Scrolls Online. Here's the first of the batch, showing off lockpicking, magic, combat and more.

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