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Smash Bros Ultimate Gets Sephiroth Early!

The Newest DLC character for Super Smash Bros Ultimate has been added to the game early! But it's not as simple as launching the game to gain access to Sephiroth...

Cyberpunk 2077 – First Impressions

The staff of GameShampoo give their first impressions of 10 hours of Cyberpunk 2077 on a Xbox One S. We look at the good and the bad.

Secret "Among Us" Twitch Pet available for a Limited Time.

Among Us has released a secret pet that you can unlock. Just a few simple steps and the "Glitch Pet" will be following you around.

Sega 60th celebration: Streets of Kamaurocho Review

Sega released 3 games for a limited time. The game, "Streets of Kamaurocho," among them. Get a review of the game and learn what this Sega 60th celebration is offering.

High Score Ep 6 Recap - Level Up!

The final episode of High Score looks at the origins of 2 things are key to gaming today: 3D graphics and the First Person Shooter genre of play. This story focuses on 2 games that would define these things: Star Fox for the Super Nintendo and DOOM for the PC.

High Score Ep 5 Recap – Fight!

GameShampoo looks at Episode 5 of the Netflix series High Score: "Fight!" This episode delves into the origins of popular fighting games, a cult classic game, and the ESRB.

High Score Ep 2 Recap – The Comeback Kid

The second episode of "High Scores," focuses on the resurgrence of the Video Game Market as Nintendo comes across the sea to attempt to gain a foothold in the US. Once again, we add little bits of additional information for everyone the episode skipped on.

High Scores Episode 1 - Boom and Bust Recap

The Staff of GameShampoo sit down, and recap the new Netflix limited series: "High Score." We'll recap the episode and add in missed juicy video game history facts.

Carrion – All Exploration, All to be Consumed Review

Carrion is an indie game released by Devolver Digital, made by Phobia studios. It is an exploration based reverse horror game where you play as the monster. What does this game offer? How long does it take to play? That and much more will be answered in this review.

Magic the Gathering Panel with Mark Rosewater San Diego Comic@Home 2020

Mark Rosewater did a presentation for San Diego Comic Con 2020. He presented on the upcoming September expansion, Zendikar Rising.

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