Silent Hill Downpour fans find an Easter Egg: Room 302

Fans playing Silent Hill: Downpour can find a pretty cool Easter Egg inside the game. This Easter Egg is Room 302, also known as Henry Townshend apartment from Silent Hill 4: The Room. Room 302 was recreated in great detail in Silent Hill: Downpour, including padlocks and all.

To reach this easter egg, a tribute to Silent Hill 4, follow Lansdale Ave north from Cook St halfway to Brite St. Look for a retractable ladder on your right. Use a hook to bring the ladder down, and climb inside to enjoy this secret surprise.

The original Room 302 was in South Ashfield Heights. This one appears to be in a different part of the city, Pearl Creek.

See image below for a screenshot of how this apartment looks in Silent Hill: Downpour:

Silent Hill Downpour Easter Egg Room 302

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Comments (4)

Said this on 3-29-2012 At 01:56 pm

That's a pretty sweet Silent Hill Easter Egg! Thanks for letting us know about it I missed it when I first went into Pearl Creek but will go see it now

Said this on 3-29-2012 At 02:00 pm

where do I find hook to bring the ladder down??

Jordan B.
Said this on 3-29-2012 At 02:08 pm

@Mike: You had a hook when you came from Hillside to Pearl Creek but if you lost it then go west on Cook St and when it turns to Laymond  go a little more west and there will be another hook leaning against the scaffolding

Said this on 4-5-2012 At 10:06 am

i didnt find that one Jordan B. said, but i found another one in Logans Park on a bench near the fountain.

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